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Comment: Don't do it! (Score 2) 237

by TheBiGW (#46166357) Attached to: Update on the March of Progress: How Slashdot's New Look Is Shaping Up
Can't post a new comment so I'll reply instead. I agree with everyone else here. The new site is absolutely awful. Too much white space. Too much scrolling. It looks ugly with about 9 different types of font used. The comments section is now very difficult to read. The stories cut off after like 5 lines. I have been a long time user of /. and love it the way it is. I've noticed the decline over the years as has everyone else. But if this 'new' site becomes the main site and you take away Classic I will leave for pastures new. Sorry guys - don't do it!

Comment: Re:Need a new phrase (Score 2) 264

by TheBiGW (#40204013) Attached to: DirecTV CEO Scoffs At Competition From Apple TV
Wish I had upvotes - but instead I'll reply. The TV industry globally is in dire need of this kind of thing. The impossibly slow menu systems of most SAT/Cable TV systems are bad enough. Then you look at the awful impenetrable remotes with buttons everywhere. I can easily imagine a company like Apple magically hiding the complexity behind a veneer of smooth touch screen goodness that automates 95% of the crap and demos amazingly well. A TV app store optimised for Apple's TV remote control interface would be revolutionary for most people used to the incumbents. The TV market is prime hunting ground.

And I'm not even an Apple fan! Given all the unix based TV operating systems out there (Samsung I'm looking at you) this could have happened long ago given the right investment. Clearly they've all had it coming.

Comment: Documentation and comments (Score 1) 545

by TheBiGW (#34667132) Attached to: Does Typing Speed Really Matter For Programmers?
For the code itself, as other people have said, I would far prefer an expert to hunt-and-peck 100 lines of awesome than have some random person bash out 1000 lines of WTF at 150 WPM. Where the real difference comes in IMO is the documentation/commenting of said code. In my experience, if someone has difficulty typing quickly they are far less likely to document and comment their code as frequently as someone who can type well. So it's still worth learning even if you are an expert :)

+ - Sidestepping Vista's UAC

Submitted by
Ron writes: "A security researcher has recently discovered a hole that could help Trojans bypass UAC on Windows Vista. According to his paper, and a Symantec security researcher, this effectively nullifies UAC's protection. The way it works is that the Trojan replaces shortcuts on a user's start menu or desktop with shortcuts to itself. Then, when a user thinks he's elevating his favorite program, such as World of Warcraft, he's actually elevating the malicious program. Cancel or allow?"

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