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Comment: Not a Twitch competitor (Score 1) 92

by The-Forge (#48515695) Attached to: Valve Rolls Out Game Broadcasting Service For Steam

I don't see this as a Twitch competitor.

Does it support cams? Does it support streaming from broadcasting software? Does it support archiving recordings? Does it support headset input if the game doesn't have voice support to begin with? The answer to all of these is no and Valve doesn't seem to have plans to add those items either.

What this really is doing is filling a hole that Twitch isn't concerned about: The casual easy stream to my friends/community. I don't know about other's experiences, but my experience with streaming to Twitch casually was a massive pain in the ass. This feature was probably a no-brainer thing to do since it was more than likely just a tweak to their in-home streaming function. So woo-hoo, new feature, not much work required. (Developer mantra.)

Is Twitch concerned about this hole? Probably not. They see it as small potatoes at this point or they would have done something directly to make setting up streaming easier. Also when you have the "professional" streamers who are half game / half talk show drawing in 100-10,000 viewers plus the eSport leagues using their platform for broadcast, they don't care about a casual gamer who may have 0-10 people watching. Even if it's 1000 gamers pulling 0-10 viewers, those aren't sexy numbers for ad sales and that's what drives them.

Comment: This explans one thing but raises another question (Score 1) 558

by The-Forge (#48235695) Attached to: Rite Aid and CVS Block Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Best Buy used to take Google Wallet and other NFC payments then they did a similar thing a few months ago and started blocking them. They are on the merchant list for CurrentC. Question answered.

But now my big question is: Why doesn't the big 4 (Visa, MC, Discover and Amex) just smack them around and say "this is how it's going to be"? I'm sure their member banks would rather have one secure payment standard floating around out there too. This CurrentC thing just looks like a big identity theft cluster f*** data breach waiting to happen.

Comment: Re:Linux needs to step up (Score 1) 650

by The-Forge (#46682279) Attached to: Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

I'm sorry, but Linux distros have worse forced upgrade policies than XP. How well does Ubuntu 13.10 run on 10 year old PCs with 10 year old graphics hardware? Not well. How does it run on 5 year old PCs? Not well either. But that is your only real option for Ubuntu since they only support releases for a YEAR AND A HALF! Ok, the LTS versions get 5 years, but still that's much shorter than XP and the system requirements move forward with each release for the GUI.

OpenSUSE, Cent OS, Mint all of them are the same way.

If you're running a PC that is 5 years old or less with XP, quit the whining and goto Win 7 (the new XP for corp) or 8. If it's older than 5, get a new PC because you've probably replaced your TV and got a new game console in that time which cost about as much if not more.

Comment: What's next? Apple suing Wal-Mart for Android? (Score 2) 211

by The-Forge (#42055135) Attached to: Form1 3D Printer and Kickstarter Get Sued For Patent Infringment

These guys suing Kickstarter makes about as much sense as Apple suing Wal-Mart for selling Samsung tablets and phones. Are we going to expect Wal-Mart, Best Buy and eBay to start doing patent checks on everything they put on their shelves or list on their site? If by some strange quirk this case moves forward with Kickstarter attached, that will be the legal expectation by precedent.

IANL, but in the complaint they may have already given Kickstarter cause to get removed. They mention Kickstarter's TOS and the judge should see that as a safe harbor establishment.

Comment: Re:VMware is very easy but (Score 1) 361

by The-Forge (#41940683) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Virtual Machine Software For a Beginner?

There are a few docs in the VMware knowledge base about clock drift on AMD CPUs. 90% of the issues are solved by turning off "Quiet'n'Cool" or any other power saving feature in the BIOS that alters the clock speed. The same advice goes for Intel chips with SpeedStep. The clock fluctuation really screw with the VM's VCPU emulation. I turned it off and my drift dropped to a minute or so a week which is easily fixable with a NTP service on Linux.

Comment: Re:Seems partly justified (Score 2) 227

by The-Forge (#39732813) Attached to: Judge Grudgingly Awards $3.6 Million In DRM Circumvention Case

But if you take that logic to it's extreme you wind up with Microsoft or Google suing the whole net because you're using their intellectual property (the browser) to access a services other than a Microsoft or Google one without getting their permission and making money. I know this thought will never happen, but it's still a extension of the logic.

Back to the crux of this though, The UMaple people clean room reverse engineered the MapleStory server to run a completely separate environment. There was no true profit, it looks like they were getting donations to keep it running. I just can't see the DMCA circumvention here, but I believe Blizzard used this same threat against some users a few years ago who were trying to reverse engineer the WoW server.

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