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Comment: Another one (Score 5, Interesting) 144 144

This is actually not a new trick. Guy I know once had his website serving up an evil redirect at random like half a year ago -- something like every 1 in 5-6 requests, and then still only with a Google referrer. Even asked me to capture the header with the redirect because his hosting company wouldn't believe him(they eventually fixed it).

Comment: Re:Old news (Score 1) 560 560

To the consumer, there is no difference. What the NFL loses is the value of the rights they sell to networks/advertisers, which bring in huge sums of cash. If their non-tangibles can be used in some way to generate income for free, that is going to affect the leverage(and therefore payout) at the negotiating table.

Despite the silliness they are infamous for pulling, a nation full of end consumers still talk about them and faithfully watch their show, so as long as the law is backing them they have little to gain by risking their licensing income.

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