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Comment: Haters gonna hate (Score 1) 427

The public's want for Apple products has almost superseded their need for Microsoft products, what else is it going to take for Apple go their their props?? All that money wasn't made by suing people, it was earned with great product vision, marketing and execution, so shut the fuck up and create your own "Apple" if you think their so stupid and unethical.

Comment: Stop being lazy. Clicking "sign" is meaningless. (Score 3, Insightful) 313

by The Nipponese (#29805803) Attached to: No Dedicated Servers For <em>CoD: Modern Warfare 2</em>
On-line "petitions" probably carry 1/100th (if not 1/1000th) the effect of a hand-typed, printed, and signed letter. This applied doubly so to letters to politicians. If you really give a damn, put in the effort. It will make a difference to your cause.

+ - Chiptune comes to the stage->

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The Nipponese
The Nipponese writes: "This is actually more of an event: a friend of mine (Morgan Tucker, aka Crashfaster) has been throwing some chiptune live shows around San Francisco for the last few months, and now he's bringing his show to the DNA Lounge this Sunday. At the very least, the free chiptune sampler in the link is a great intro into the growing genre loved by nerds and gamers alike."
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Comment: Re:Good enough is? (Score 2, Interesting) 160

by The Nipponese (#28219849) Attached to: Motion Control To Lengthen Console Hardware Cycles
Thankfully we've come to the point where network firmware upgrades keep the the console UX fresh. On top of that, Microsoft has been gradually adding specs to the 360 over the years. I am constantly surprised by the number of people who "just bought another one" because their previous 360 was lacking HDMI, or just didn't want to go through the hassle of M$ replacing it after falling prey to the RRoD. How long will be before M$ just says, "ok, let's add a new GPU to the existing hardware and call it the Ultra model?"

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