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Comment: Re:A couple of limitations... (Score 2) 180

None of the streaming providers like Netflix are just going to "turn off" the old, non-H.265 streams just because one device gets them. And since none of them are even using them at all right now, I'd say we have many years before Netflix will phase them out (if ever - they still have non-adaptive streams and older interfaces for legacy devices, which still work just fine) .

Comment: Re:Videos unavailable on devices; Hulu for free (Score 1) 180

Hulu+ is $8/month. You've got a bit of a wait if you've using that money to pay for a PC.

We're at a point in content rights where not everything is available on set-top boxes. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't use a set-top box for everything else. Car analogy: It's like using a gas-guzzling truck for your everyday commute, because your economy car can't move a piano.

Comment: Re:TVs with VGA in; Bluetooth thumb keyboard (Score 1) 180

If you have to buy a remote and IR sensor, and configure WMC (or an equivalent), it's not free, and can be a pain in the ass. Not to mention that the UI, speed, noise, and electricity cost in the set-top boxes are all serious considerations when compared to an old computer you might just have hanging around.

Roku (and I assume the other set top boxes) make it amazingly simple and quick to stream media. I have a Windows machine running WMC as an OTA DVR, and while it can stream Netflix and some of the other applications, it's not anywhere near as good at it.

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by The Good Reverend (#46205659) Attached to: Reason To Hope Carriers Won't Win the War On Netflix

Exactly. The vast majority of internet users (even those that can network their own houses and fix their friend's computers) don't know what a "hop" is or that there are usually a dozen+ computers between them and their internet destination. And if any of these links is slow, for whatever reason, there's going to a general slowdown. That makes it very difficult to determine if you're being throttled, if you're the victim of bad DNS routing, or if there's some random problem that you can't solve from your end.

Comment: The biggest problem in Santa Cruz... (Score 5, Insightful) 117

...isn't a lack of talent, or retaining students, or anything else related to business - it's crime. The once-quaint "beach bums" are actually violent street kids and mentally ill homeless people, and unless you're on campus and removed from the city itself, you can't help but to experience this everywhere you go.

I lived there for four years while at UC Santa Cruz, and while there was a street kid problem then (15 years ago), it's much worse now, crime rates are up, and I don't feel safe there at all, just walking down the street. I've lived in various low-income communities, and for the most part they're "just" poor - there's crime, of course, but you can walk down the street safely. Santa Cruz is absurdly rich for some people, destitute for others, and it attracts a homeless/street population that make it no longer worth visiting. It's sad but true.

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