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Comment The novel universe is even better (Score 3, Interesting) 71

For the last decade or so, the Trek novel universe has been well-maintained, followed its own continuity, and has featured a lot of very good stories (and a few bad ones, but so it goes with all things Star Trek). If you're a fan that's looking to continue the stories and feel of Star Trek now that it's off the air, look at the novels (and check out http://www.thetrekcollective.c... for a guide to where to start).

Comment Re:The biggest challenge? (Score 1) 186

ApplePay is just the method of payment (akin to your physical credit card) - the system still uses the credit card network and uses a number that is passed from the device to the credit card company. The token is used in place of your credit card number during the transaction but Apple isn't "involved" in the payment itself.

Comment Re:here's an idea (Score 2) 186

Apple doesn't bypass the credit card companies - you're thinking of CurrentC (the joint system being developed by Walmart, CVS, etc.). That system exists solely to save merchants money. ApplePay uses the same credit card system (and your existing cards) to make payments.

Comment Re:The biggest challenge? (Score 1) 186

Not sure about the Google and Android solutions, but you don't need a network or cell connection to use ApplePay - everything is handled by the chip in the phone. It offers other advantages as well, most specifically the use of a unique token that's NOT your credit card number, meaning it isn't vulnerable to the large store data breaches like we've seen in the last few years.

Also, I dunno about you, but I always have my phone in my pocket, just has handy as my wallet, but with my wallet, I need to remove a card, swipe it, and usually either sign or enter a code. With ApplePay, I just have to hold the phone next to the terminal, and that's it. It's not a huge difference, but it's certainly not more difficult than using a card - typically it's one or more steps easier.

Comment Re:Crap (Score 1) 105

There's this awesome invention called "the internet", where you can find exactly what you're looking for and purchase it without ever having to go into a store. It works especially well for times you're looking for specific products instead of just browsing. There's even a great deal of competition and independent sellers that help keep prices down.

Comment Re:if not collecting the data (Score 1) 75

Any company that contracts out their POS terminals and accepts credit and debit cards (so, just about everyone) can get a terminal that accepts NFC payments.

My local large grocery story (Albertson's, in southern California) has accepted Apple Pay from the start, even though their terminals don't look any different than anyone else's, and don't have the typical separate plastic thing that you're supposed to touch your phone to. The whole thing is built into the user-accessible terminal, and Apple Pay just works.

Stores don't own these terminals, and the companies that provide/service them can either turn on the functionality (if the terminal has it built in) or replace the terminal with a newer model (which happens regularly anyway). It's not a matter of having to run new lines out to the boonies - if they take credit cards, they can likely accept NFC payments.

Comment Re: Good luck with that. (Score 1) 558

Except that I'm going to have my phone with me anyway - it's not just for making payments (so the theft/damage argument is irrelevant). And I can still lend a card to my wife, and still use it myself. But now I also have a quick, secure option with my phone that's worked 3 out of the three times I've tried it.

Comment Re: Good luck with that. (Score 1) 558

That article mentions the ways Apple Pay is better than credit cards, then goes off the deep end mentioning a bunch of generic studies about the possibilities of connecting data-mined information to individuals, then somehow implies that Apple Pay is specifically victim to these problems. Troll article.

Comment Re:Congressional Pharmaceutical Complex (Score 4, Informative) 217

Given legalization is extremely new, the conclusion of the article and study is grossly premature. Making matters worse in my opinion, is that the study only looks at a single element of drugs, and not the complete impact.

California legalized marijuana 18 years ago, in 1996.

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