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Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 169

There are many flavors of nerds/geeks/computer lovers who weren't tinkering in the early 1980s, or weren't buying books at Radio Shack. And there are plenty more who don't pay a lot of attention to who's writing their tech books.

As evidenced by the other comments here, plenty of us have no idea who he is. He's certainly not "get recognized in an airport" famous.

Comment Re:How's Irvine, CA? (Score 2) 464

Absolutely. Irvine/Newport Beach/Aliso Viejo and many other Orange County cities have very large and growing tech scenes. And unlike other tech cities, there's still relatively (for coastal California) affordable housing to be found nearby.

Plus the weather and culture and food choices are amazing.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 2) 105

These mobile payment solutions offer tokenization, which I consider to be a pretty big advantage over using a card (especially in a setting where the card is handed over to the retailer).

Also, your strawman description of the process tells me you've never tried, or even researched too deeply into the process of using the payments. Generally my phone is at least as easy to get to as my wallet, and there's no unlocking, app finding, selection making involved - just thumb on the fingerprint scanner.

Comment Re: app store (Score 1) 132

Any there any large services NOT on Roku? Because of their open SDK, pretty much everyone has made a Roku channel. Apple will still lead to more exposure, but Roku's been the leader in the content game for a LONG time.

Comment The novel universe is even better (Score 3, Interesting) 71

For the last decade or so, the Trek novel universe has been well-maintained, followed its own continuity, and has featured a lot of very good stories (and a few bad ones, but so it goes with all things Star Trek). If you're a fan that's looking to continue the stories and feel of Star Trek now that it's off the air, look at the novels (and check out http://www.thetrekcollective.c... for a guide to where to start).

Comment Re:The biggest challenge? (Score 1) 186

ApplePay is just the method of payment (akin to your physical credit card) - the system still uses the credit card network and uses a number that is passed from the device to the credit card company. The token is used in place of your credit card number during the transaction but Apple isn't "involved" in the payment itself.

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