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Comment: Re:Sad apathy. (Score 1) 39

by The Evil Brain (#37405818) Attached to: Nokia Announces Qt Open Governance Model

I think a lot of people may have written off QT for dead. With Nokia becoming a glorified Microsoft lacky, most of the excitement that a Nokia product would have once generated has been replaced by resignation. For many QT fans and developers, the question is not a matter of if Nokia will shutter QT, but of when.

Except that Nokia insists that they have big plans for Qt. Apparently, they are moving it down to their lower-end featurephones which is kind of a big deal seeing that they sell a gazillion of them each year. They may be pushing Windows phone nowadays, but high-end smartphones are just one (rapidly shrinking) part of their overall business. The rumour is they are planning to launch a launch bunch of Qt enabled featurephones at NokiaWorld next month. There are millions of Africans, Indians and Chinese literally frothing at the mouth waiting for the next cheap nokia phone. If Nokia can come up with something good, they'll sell millions and it'll become much harder for devs to keep ignoring them. Don't count Nokia out yet.

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