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Comment That presentation. (Score 1) 373

Is anyone else as bothered as me by the fact that the "Hello my name is" sticker on slide two of the presentation is such a low quality image? Oh god, slide three the bullets don't line up with the items, and then there's overlapping text on slide four. From there's it's pretty smooth sailing, but I would have tuned out real quick in that meeting.

Comment Re:This solves nothing (Score 2) 233

It depends on what the feedstock is. A good example of a bad feedstock is corn for ethanol, it takes a lot of land, water and fertilizer. The fertilizer itself takes a good deal of fuel to make and transport and really cuts into the effectiveness of reducing fuel consumption. But it's still economically viable because of the corn subsidies, so we still have it.
Some examples of better feedstock might be switch grass or algae, though I'm sure there are major concerns with those as well, or we'd be seeing more of them.

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