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Comment Re:Racists waited for Westerners to get killed (Score 1) 318

Did they really have to wait for ISIS to strike in Paris? The group's earlier:

was not enough? If Anonymous had this capability of hurting ISIS' (impressive) online propaganda, why did they not use it before the attack on Paris?

I just want to add the the USA doesn't sit here and beg other countries for help. We deal with our problems.

Comment Re:Racists waited for Westerners to get killed (Score 1) 318

Did they really have to wait for ISIS to strike in Paris? The group's earlier:

was not enough? If Anonymous had this capability of hurting ISIS' (impressive) online propaganda, why did they not use it before the attack on Paris?

Before Paris it was the responsibility of the countries in the middle east to police their own. Now it's clear they can't contain it, even with aid so the rest of the world will be dragged into it.

Comment Re:Having followed their exploits for a while now. (Score 1) 318

... You can't win a war without infantry. ...

You CAN ... but you have to be prepared to take a very scorched earth policy.

If you're ready to just Glass the country, and prepared for the Fallout that will entail (pun intended), then Infantry becomes irrelevant.

I am not in any way suggesting that this is either advisable, or something that any sane person would do, but it IS a position where bombing does not require infantry to win.

Free glass for everyone? No more free steak giveaways! Imagine the price of all computer devices if the screens can be scooped out of the desert.

Comment Re:Why intelligence agencies haven't done anything (Score 1) 318

It could easily be the case that U.S. intelligence agencies are too incompetent to catch these terrorist affiliated social media accounts. U.S. intelligence agencies haven't exactly demonstrated a capacity to really make effective use of the big data they collect. Yes, they are quite good at intercepting and collecting data, but there are many indications that the NSA in particular doesn't really have the data intelligence necessary to effectively sift through what they capture. In the 'proud' tradition of the TSA, our intelligence agency's anti-terror data collection operations may be more security theater than actual security. That said I'm not sure a bunch of anons are likely to do much better.

How do you know? It's not like they share any of this information with the public? It takes years to infiltrate the enemy yet we just found and killed Jihadi John. If anything, it proves our intelligence is working. Nothing happens overnight.

Comment Re:CIA created ISIS (Score 0) 318


When you consider that the CIA created Osama Bin Laden (by training him, and providing weapons when he was fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan); and the CIA created ISIS (by creating false intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq), the CIA is simply a terrorist organization that pretends to be working for American interests.

We're better off without you frankly. The world would be a lot healthier without your meddling. Stop trying to make Dick Cheney even richer than he is.


Ok. The CIA didn't create ISIS. ISIS is the response to thousands of years of constant repression by dictatorships in the Middle East. Killing Saddam may have accelerated ISIS from rising but once he died it would have happened anyways. Both Syria and Iran have seen the same thing happen. This isn't Al Qaeda the terrorist network. This is thousands of people sick of the Middle East. But now they have people who are listening to their cause. Recruits are coming from all over the world who are not muslim or arabs. Regular people you meet on the streets or had a drink with yesterday. That's who ISIS is looking for. They want to form a new country. They ripped across what is now Europe centuries ago during the Crusades. Neither the CIA or America existed back then. But now that they expanded their fight to outside of the Middle East it will be the end for them. It's been predicted for many years that WW3 would be in the Middle East. It's coming. It will be fought on the ground, in the air, electronically and socially.

Comment Re:what good will this do ? (Score 2) 318

You are aware that people have been recruiting since before there was an Internet ... Right?

You too are trapped in this retarded first world view of things and have absolutely no concept of how different their world is from yours. Most of their members have never seen the Internet, how the fuck are they going to be recruited by an entirely first world time sink they don't even know exists.

Just because you once heard a news story about a couple girls who did it via social media doesn't make it common, it just makes you look silly for believing that.

That's where you're wrong. How do you think CNN gets a hold of all their videos? Internet. They have the money to setup and leverage social media. Facebook is the #1 form of communication across the planet. Especially for young recruits. That's how they intercept would be recruits crossing the borders into the middle east. Social media.

Comment Re:Legitimate music, like "concert tapes" (Score 1) 175

There is a sizable community which legitimately records concerts, with consent from the band (encouragement even), and shares them with the world. example: is all bittorrent. allows direct download of MP3's, but if you want a 1gb set of flac files, they encourage use of bittorrent.

I'm sure these asshats would send a cease and desist order to that website accusing them of pirating their own music.

Comment Re: Programs using BitTorrent (Score 1) 175

FUD, I've been downloading legal stuff and probably pirating more illegal stuff with torrent since ~2008. The only time I got cought was for seeding something really large over 50x and I only got an email that had the name and hash of the said torrent and said torrents are harmful and you should use an anti-virus and more FUD like what you just said. It's been 2 years since and I continue to torrent because I can't legally obtain the media I want and my country has no extradition to anywhere in the world. When they make it legal to buy their stuff in my country then we can talk money.

I got emailed by Comcast for seeding Crysis 2. I purchased the game from Steam a few days after trying it out since I wanted to do online play.

Comment Re: Programs using BitTorrent (Score 1) 175

I really hope the mindless morons follow your advice and get themselves fined and knocked offline because bittorrent in NO WAY provides a method to pirate and not get caught. In fact, out of ALL the methods you have at your disposal to pirate content, bittorrent is the WORST option. simply joining a swarm without even sending or receiving blasts your IP to anyone who bothers to listen. Even with DHT, you still have to connect to nodes. Without DHT you are at the behest of whatever torrent tracker(s) are in use. Most of which are extremely easy to eavesdrop on. Why would the "feds" want to shut down a major source of idiots for them to harass? I get your post was in jest, but it's so off base I feel the need to warn the morons who might actually think you were being serious.

The only bittorrent traffic I generate is when I download patches/games from Blizzard.

Comment Re:Users View Updates from Apple as Risky (Score 1) 320

My biggest complaint is the Bonjour shit they package with iTunes/Quicktime. It's a service they install. This facilities connecting to your mobile device. But if you let it run on a computer for more than 8 days the machine will become unresponsive. Your event viewer will be filled up with out of memory errors from Bonjour. I have to uninstall that piece of crap every time there is an update. Plus iTunes crashes all the time. It's almost as if they want to trick people into thinking it's Windows so they switch to using an Apple device instead. For me, it reminds why I would never switch if they can't support multiple OS's correctly.

Comment Re:Yes, update fatigue (Score 1) 320

Plus we're tired of being tricked into accidentally downloading unwanted virusscanners (flash), toolbars (java), and whatever other crap they want to bundle. We are tired of running two dozen automatic update tools at all times, all fighting for internet access and all using memory and CPU time. Sure, it's very little and it mostly ends up in swap anyways - but it adds up. And we are certainly tired of having to deal with that crap every time we boot the machine.

It's a great mystery to me why Windows does not have a unified update service (like Windows Update, but also including tools from 3rd parties). It doesn't even have to go through Microsofts servers - just let programs register their own server with the update service, and then let the update service do updates at times when it is convenient to me.

I've solved at least part of this problem by simply not having QuickTime or Java installed. Flash is installed, but only runs on demand (which is actually far less often than you'd imagine). Windows Update I've shut down after Microsoft started pushing spyware and adware as "important updates". So now I run a risk of "hackers". So far they've proven less of a nuisance than actual vendors...

MS has never pushed spyware onto people's system.

Comment Re:It's a business opportunity! (Score 1) 320

Mozilla's "take all of these new shit features to get your security fix" system of updates is an abject failure. You'll notice that the number of Firefox users updating their browser declined so much that Mozilla made it mandatory, which made admins like me have to blackhole the update servers at the router.

Works the same for Google. They update their browser to block certain plugins and add-ins and do it automatically. Why should I suddenly have to whitelist Java because Google now finds it insecure?

Comment Re:It's a business opportunity! (Score 1) 320

Mozilla and Google have solved the update problem in a nice way. They install services that do the updating, but don't run most of the time. When the app detects an update it wakes up the service, which does the installation.

That means that the updater uses zero resources when not actively updating, and because it was installed as a service doesn't need further UAC prompts or admin level elevation to work. In other words, limited users can update.

I uninstall google update the second after I install Chrome.

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