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Comment Re:Stop developing 64bit (Score 1) 242 242

No, AWE allows more than 4GB in a single application, SQL Enterprise or Oracle 10G running on 2003 x86 Enterprise can utilize 32GB just fine, I know because I ran just such a configuration back in 2006 before x64 was mainstream.

Or you could use a modern OS which does it natively without any switches. Not to mention Windows 7 takes advantage of modern hardware which XP/2003 does not.

Comment Re:in favor of "space suits" (Score 1) 372 372

Afaict in the core countries of the epedemic the problem is a lack of resources. Ideally you would use a new protective suit each time to minimise the risk of material transferring from outside to inside and you would work very slowly and carefully to make sure you didn't puncture the protective suit

And how many medical professionals in the US are actually trained to do so? How many hazmat suits are actually available? How many beds? How many isolation wings? More generally: how big does an outbreak have to be in the US before it's not containable?

It's a valid question that no one seems to want to talk about. Even with relatively unlimited resources, first world countries are still vulnerable if the outbreak grows above a certain size. Keep in mind you don't need one hazmat suit per doctor, you need 1 per doctor per 2 hours of on shift time. The same is true for a lot of equipment.

How many do we actually need? Ebola was technically gone in the US until this doctor returned to the country. So we're down to 1 infection from the peak of 3. Oh no! It's eradicated from Nigeria and Papa Guinea is very close. Only Liberia remains.

Comment Re:Bennett Haselton on the Ebola outbreak (Score 1) 372 372

I wish people wouldn't keep saying this. It is not virtually impossible to catch before someone becomes symptomatic. From what I gather it is only that the virual load of the individual is much much higher in later stages. The virus is still very more often than not for example detectable in sweat before symptoms set it. It's like telling someone that is allergic to bees not to worry about a few flying around in the bus with them because it's so unlikely they will be stung.. it is a perfectly reasonable concern no matter now many statistics you could cite about how often a bee encounter results in a sting.

If this was true than hundreds of people would already be infected from both the Duncan man from liberia, and both his nurses.

Comment Re:It's risky and unlikely to succeed. (Score 1) 700 700

Device manufacturing companies may just avoid FTDI chips outright. This is especially true if some suppliers are mixing the real chips with the counterfeit chips.

Worse, since it's coming through Windows Update, the engineers working on Windows Update might outright blacklist FTDI. And Microsoft would be at least partially liable for any bricked device, which would make their lawyers a bit uncomfortable. I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft release a patch in the future to automatically unbrick the affected devices.

I'm sure the manufacturers know exactly where these chips come from. It's their choice to go cheap and risk their components being counterfeit.

Comment Re:Is this legal? (Score 0) 700 700

A component manufacturer is unhappy that someone else is using his product id so he puts code in a driver that sets the product id to zero. This prevents the fake component being recognized by his driver or any other driver. The license for the driver explicitly states that using the driver with a fake component may irretrievably damage the component.

If the component manufacturer doesn't want the fake product to work with his driver he can code his driver to ignore the fake. Modifying the product id to brick the component is another matter entirely.

This doesn't hurt the people who created the fake, or even the people who purchased the fake and used them in their manufacturing. It only hurts end users who have done nothing except purchase a product in retail channels. Deliberately destroying equipment because it uses a fake component goes to a whole new level of nastiness.

So when you return to the manufacturer of the product you can tell them you applied a driver update and it bricked your device. They can provide you a refund for their counterfeit product.

Comment Re:The good news (Score 2, Insightful) 700 700

Now that we know it's happening we can all join the class action lawsuit which will utterly bankrupt FTDI because what they are doing is illegal and they can be held liable for damages, which could easily run into the billions.

You are running a driver/firmware update on a product which isn't theirs. Just like with a laptop if you run a BIOS update on the wrong product and it destroys your machine the vendor isn't responsible.

Comment Re:Let me get this right (Score 1) 839 839

A tax on consumption hits those hardest who consume the most: the middle and lower classes.

Not quite ... they consume the most relative to their income.

So, if Bill Gates buys a $50 million dollar home and a $200K car ... the amount he gets taxed relative to his net-worth is trivial.

The problem is many people view economics as saying that the goal of capitalism is to ensure as much income inequality as possible.

Because, apparently, that's the whole point.

If you had a consumption tax of 10% and I bought a 250k home I'd pay $25,000. Bill Gates would pay $5 million.

Comment Re:Let me get this right (Score 1) 839 839

Taxing consumption is stupid. It encourages people to save and hoard till the day they die, which defeats the purpose of money. The rich are the most capable of doing this, which big trust funds and investments. Also, the idea of a progressive consumption tax is mind-boggling. How can a sales tax be progressive? Right now, sales taxes are collected on point of sale, which is a flat (actually regressive) tax. Do you have to fill out everything you buy on some IRS form?

A better idea is to tax wealth. That will encourage people to spend, and drive the economy forward.

You'd tax it right at the point of sale. Buy dinner, see a movie, buy airline ticketc, etc. Tax added to the end like sales tax instantly. No more filing taxes every year. More money directly into your paycheck.

Comment Re:That's not the reason you're being ignored. (Score 1) 406 406

People don't listen to that preflight announcement stuff because they've heard it a hundred times before. People who've flown even a couple of times before don't need to listen. People who are on their first flight, where it's all new and exciting are paying attention.

So, no - I know how to wear a seatbelt and that my seat cushion can be used as a floatation device and to check where the nearest exit row is...yadda yadda yadda. I can stick my nose into my phone and I won't miss anything important.

What's needed is either to make those instructions INTERESTING (like the Southwest Airlines people often do) - or to only give the routine instructions to people who need it. That way, when something truly important comes up, people will pay attention.

Considering how many commercial airlines crash per year and survive I find the instructions quite useless in the first place. INCOMING missile! Put your oxygen masks on before it's....BOOM.

Comment Re: Thats Fair (Score 1) 158 158

You need to be all over Verizon's ass about this till it's fixed. Contact the BBB and take it public if need be. They obviously are screwing over Netflix users if other streams are fine.

Not really. Once it leaves their network it's not Verizon's problem. From a customer service standpoint it is Verizon's fault.

Comment Re:Don't over generalize (Score 1) 728 728

Precisely. Women tend to call for help or say comments hurt their feelings or otherwise give the EXACT reaction the trolls want.

They do the same thing to most men and... no reaction.

This is what is causing the focus on women. Not that the trolls are against women though I'm sure some are... but that the women often do not know how to deal with bullies.

Men are taught how to deal with bullies from a very young age. You toughen up or you're a weakling. The boys will literally call you "a girl" if you complain.

To not be "a girl" boys must hide their feelings and laugh off abuse. And then at some later date... taking some revenge is generally considered par for the course.

Women need to understand that they can't rely on men or society to come to their aid on the internet. They're going to have to take care of themselves and toughen up a bit. Crying foul just causes a troll feeding frenzy.

That's because women get their feelings hurt far easier than men do. Then they write a stinking blog about how they overcame this attack (feelings hurt) and social media blows it out of proportion. Social media needs to die a horrible death and none of these trolls would exist.

Comment Re:weev is a fucking D-bag....but (Score 1) 728 728

Don't forget libel and slander.

Libel and slander are civil offenses. The government does not prosecute them.

Who really cares the difference. He's a complete asshole and deserves the shitstorm he brought upon himself. Do we really want to defend him as being innocent on a technicality?

Comment Re:There Are Uses (Score 1) 429 429

Heh, just the thing every business and school should run all the time :-)

Oh sure, some student can argue he's downloading history references that he can only reach through bittorrent .. good luck with that :-)

Sure there are. But go back to your own and use them. Don't clog up public wifi hotspots or soak up bandwidth from your companies intranet. For example. Don't update your World of Warcraft from uses bit torrent.

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