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by Tester (#46970087) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Practical Alternatives To Systemd?

systemd's big feature of the alternatives is that is also supervises running deamons after they've been started. OpenRC (and baselayout 1.x, it's predecessor), tried to do it, but in a half-hearted way that never really worked. That why we have the "zap" command to tell the init system "you think this daemon is running, but it's actually not". With systemd, this kind of thing can no happen because it actually uses modern kernel features to keep track.

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PolicyKit specifically can be compiled to use consolekit instead of systemd for session tracking.

Except that, last I heard, Lennart is also the maintainer of ConsoleKit, and he has officially declared it dead in favor of systemd-logind. Seriously, the reason everyone choses systemd is because it's just better. And as a former Gentoo dev with a good knowledge of openrc, systemd is one or two levels above.

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Switching between the two distributions (or even Scientific Linux) is already as easy as switching repos and updating a few branding specific packages. I'd imagine that Red Hat would make the process even easier to do so in the next release.

Actually their FAQ says that isn't an option, you have to re-install from scratch to get an officially supported system (as the binaries are not exactly the same).

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by Tester (#43601881) Attached to: Belgian Media Group Demanding Copyright Levy for Internet Access

Sorta... well no, It's still highly illegal and you can get sued for making an illegal copy.

For example: some Canadians got sued for coping "Hurt Locker" (The erotic comedy about two gay shoe store employees and their love of leather uppers.)

This is entirely untrue, in Canada, making copies of AUDIO recoding for personal use IS legal.. This only applies to Audio content, not to movies, etc. This is also why the levy is only on CDs, not on DVDs for example.

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Capital gains is also normally irrelevant to all but the "pretty rich"

Buy a house for $200K, sell it for $300K years later would be $100K in capitol gains. Many people who are not "pretty rich" do that. Then there are 401K's, Small stock portfolios, etc.

For that specific use-case, you can use the Canadian model, where capital gains on one's primary residence are not taxable, this covers the 99%.

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by Tester (#42755411) Attached to: Can Any Smartphone Platform Overcome the Android/iOS Duopoly?

It's too late for this round. For the same reason that no one can replace Windows on the desktop, nothing will displace iOS/Android on "slabs with a large touchscreen". There are too many applications written, too many people who rely on them, they will not switch for something that's more or less the same, but different. People will switch only if it's something radically different, a new category of devices, just like Apple created with the original iPhone or the iPad, they're just not comparable to previous feature phones (or even previous "smartphones"). Windows Phone and BB10 are DOA, no one wants them, it's too late. They're like the DRDOS and the OS/2 of smartphones.

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by Tester (#41196073) Attached to: The True Challenges of Desktop Linux

Basically you're argument is that it's all about Microsoft Office? I agree with you, then it has nothing to do with how Good or Bad GNOME vs OSX are. The Linux Desktop will not happen on any serious scale until the corporate world stops revolving around Office and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.

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It's funny you say that.. The important Linux Desktop APIs have been stable for over a decade. Look at GLib 2.x and indeed the entire GNOME 2.x stack, it hasn't been broken. You can still run an application compiled against GTK+ 2.0 on any modern distribution.. Obviously, it will have the same functionalities that it had 10 years ago, but the same can be said of Windows or OSX.

And well, GTK+ 3 has a slightly different API, etc, but so is WinRT or many of the newer OSX APIs. And Well, GTK+ 2.x is parallel installable, so you can keep using it more or less forever.

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Different places have different specialties.. And when a place attracts lots of people who know something, it becomes a pole for that thing, generates high salaries in that field, and make life very expensive for everyone else. Silicon Valley, Bangalore, etc do high tech. New York, London, Hong Kong do banking. You can't have all of them. And I doubt a small-ish country like the UK can have many of them. The US can afford to have New York and Silicon Valley because they're very very far appart. The City is just too close to East London (or even Cambridge) to make them separate markets, meaning that old humid houses are still terribly expensive and no one in their right minds would want to move there unless they are made tons and tons of money.

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