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Comment Re:Avoid INTERCAL (Score 1) 420

SAS should be killed with fire. It is the most frustrating piece of garbage I have ever used. SAS is a garbage language, made by garbage people. And when I say that I don't mean to denigrate sanitation workers, for whom I have the utmost respect. I mean the employees of the SAS corporation are humanoids, perhaps sentient, literally made of garbage.

I won't necessarily disagree there. I only used it for a couple months back in 2002 and at that because it was something we already had. It was decent; but it certainly had its limitations. The folks on the mailing lists weren't too happy about my embedding 6 or 7 layers of macros...but it worked; the main issue was being able to debug those layers if you needed to.

I wept tears of nerd joy when I convinced my workplace to drop SAS and adopt R.

Certainly agree there. R is far nicer.

Comment Re: Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cr (Score 1) 331

Intuitive? Are you kidding? Working on OSX...

OS X is not the MacOS of 1987, that would have been Mac OS 4 and Mac OS 5, both having releases in 1987 and were very different from the Mac OS you know as OS X today. OS X was a wholesale replacement for MacOS which brought in UNIX via NeXTStep OS and its lineage from FreeBSD after Apple both Steve Job's NeXT Inc.

Comment Re:Avoid INTERCAL (Score 1) 420

R is also only one of several even more obscure languages in that domain, including Julia and Stan... is MAPLE still a thing? Less obscure is MATLAB, and Mathematica... (all platforms as well as languages) they've all got their special strengths as usual.

Don't for SAS Macro Scripting (http://support.sas.com/documentation/onlinedoc/code.samples.html). Extremely influential in numerous science fields and among non-programmers.

There's also VHDL (popular for Engineers, again, typically non-programmers), and whether you like it or not even in the Windows world DOS-Batch is still very much alive though slowly getting converted to PowerShell (derivative of C#).

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 1) 301

The thing with capping data is that if you say 5GB, it will be very hard for them to increase that if the market changes. At least not for the same price.

Except they already do that. When I signed up for my plan it was originally 300MB, then got upgraded to 1GB and later 3 GB without any changes - the 300MB/1GB/3GB numbers are for the LTE data; lower speed non-LTE data is completely unlimited, but they do change the cap in my favor (upwards) on occasion.

Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 1) 466

But by then we'll have the F48 project which will be 15 years behind schedule and 2 trillion dollars over budget, which is way more than the paltry 3-4 years behind schedule and 200 billion over budget that they managed with the F35.

Well, that's always been the problem with JSF and similar programs, like the Space Shuttle, where you try to make one thing be the end-all-be-all of everything you do. Too many hands in the pot trying to make the pot everything from a Bunsen burner to a nuclear powered water boiler.

Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 3, Insightful) 466

Why compare the F-35, a fighter with the A-10 a ground assault craft, wouldn't it make more sense to compare a ground assault craft to its replacement ground assault craft?

B/c they're trying to use the F-35 as a replacement for the A-10, something it's not really designed to do. It would make better sense to have a new plane designed for it but they've already sunk so much into the F-35 JSF program that they're trying to justify it.

Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 1) 466

A jdam is a complete package of dumb bomb, sensors and guidance package. Think of it as the short range JSOW (all of the above + large fins that let it glide long range to target. Source - I'm a former EOD tech.

So we should report you? Or can you cite non-classified materials?

Comment Re:truth is... (Score 1) 93

***(By the by, the only two things that can be built with a rPi are (1) a MAME cabinet, and (2) a home file server. Any other claims are merely gratuitous falsifications)

I'd have to disagree. My rPi wouldn't do too well as a file server; however, I have handed it just about everything else my prior server was doing to run my network; with the exception the firewall and routing - which I handed over to a Microtek RouterBoard 450G. The file server stuff I'm handing over to a Wandboard Quad - why? Because it has a SATA chipset and ports on it and can directly support a 2.5" SATA drive, the latest models even have the capability to directly power the drive if you can make the cable (rev3+). (And no, I don't consider using a USB interface for a file server sufficient.)

The rPi is a nice system; and I'm planning more uses; but a MAME cabinet or file server is not one of them. The rPi2 is does even better.

Comment Re:What's the story? We already know it's not the (Score 4, Informative) 108

It's pretty clear that Blackberry's right about the OS here. From TFA:

"The researchers themselves did not target QNX specifically, but rather the connectivity software that runs on top of QNX, called uConnect which, using cellular connections, offers Internet access, navigation, voice command capabilities and other features to drivers."

Exactly. It's no help that everyone is connected on the CAN-bus with little in way of security there...

Comment Re:B2B only (Score 1) 82

Microtransaction based games have a fundamental problem and that is that rather than being primarily designed to be fun, they are instead primarily designed to be addictive and to drive the user toward making microtransactions in order to maintain the play that they've become addicted to. However, games that offer mostly cosmetic microtransactions that don't offer a substantial in-game advantage usually manage to avoid this problem.


I had a game on my tablet that I liked playing. Only I got so far and couldn't go any further without participating in the micro-transactions. Needless to say, I dropped it like a rock and moved on to other things.

Comment Re:OpenOffice vs LibreOffice (Score 1) 236

You get to use Apache 2 software with GPL/LGPL code, but you do not get to rewrite the license that Apache 2 code was released under. The fact that someone gives you permission to use something doesn't mean you get to relicense it however you want.

IIRC, Apache License, like the MIT and BSD licenses, allows you to relicense it so long as certain provisions are met (namely attributions).

Many in the TDF/LO community don't like that a company can take AOO and make a commercial product, even forking it in the process.

Comment Re:OpenOffice vs LibreOffice (Score 2) 236

So writing a macro in LibreOffice will cause it to be GPL while writing it in OpenOffice don't?

GPL (and copyright law) has a concept of derivative works. Input and output of a program is not typically considered a derivative work - like your documents in LibreOffice.

While IANAL, Macros would be similar to your normal documents as such they would not be considered a derivative work; not really any different than C source running through GCC.

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