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Comment: Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 87

by Tek12 (#35723418) Attached to: XBMC Gets a Dedicated Remote
Except that with Bluetooth, the device never sleeps unless you configure it to sleep after x minutes to save battery life. I've had the PS3 remote with a Kensington USB Bluetooth dongle on Mac & Plex running for a while now and this is my biggest complaint. The batteries die seemingly within days. If I instruct it to sleep after x minutes to save battery life, then you need to mash keys on the remote to wake it up in Plex which is annoying as well. I've bought Remote Buddy for Mac to use the remote with Mac software.

Please Do Not Change Your Password 497

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the my-password-is-trustno1 dept.
cxbrx writes "Mark Pothier's Boston Globe article, 'Please do not change your password,' covers a paper by Microsoft Researcher Cormac Herley, 'So Long, and No Thanks for the Externalities: the Rational Rejection of Security Advice by Users,' from the 2009 New Security Paradigms Workshop. Herley argues 'that user's rejection of the security advice they receive is entirely rational from an economic perspective.' Herley discusses 'password rules,' 'teaching users to recognize phishing sites by reading URLs,' and 'certificate errors.' Users obviously choose bad passwords, but does password aging actually help? There was some discussion on TechRepublic. I'm especially interested in hearing about studies about password aging."

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