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Comment: More on Promising Applications (Score 1) 146

by Ted Holmes (#22079738) Attached to: Monkey's Thoughts Make Robot Walk
It's interesting how thought recognition is merging with machines. As mentioned earlier, a monkey's leg movement brain signals control a robot across the planet, and another monkey mentally controls a robotic arm to feed itself. Meanwhile, Eric Ramsay, completely conscious but paralyzed and only able to move his eyes Since 1999 is using a new computer/ brain interface to reads his brain signals. As he thinks about vocal sounds, they are translated in real time. The goal is conversation, by making it possible for him to literally think out loud. He may one day be searching Google, surfing the web, texting his friends, making new friends and maybe show up on Facebook. But as electrodes give way to a skull cap, things like wireless searching, texting, messaging, Twitter, Facebook etc., could become a thumbless, mental exchange. I can hardly wait for the Blue-Toothers''BlueToothers'+&btnG=Search to discover this. I mean it's freaky to watch someone striding down a street, or sitting alone at a table having a conversation with the ether. (Chuckle at this short video.) Simultaneously, some powerful new exoskeletons are about to overflow from military applications to consumer products. My favorite is Sarcos exoskeleton. No need for a joystick or hand controls. You just wear it, and it mirrors your actions. You can pump a couple hundred pounds, run, box, dance and carry heavy loads up stairs. It doubles as an autonomous robot. Soon they'll park in the garage next to the car or maybe take up a corner in the living room waiting for intruders. This technology is primed to make the link between thought and superhuman abilities as extensions of our bodies. Follow news on thought controlled exoskeletons here.

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