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Comment: Re:SVN? (Score 1) 145

by TechyImmigrant (#48635581) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

What possible reason could one have for differentiating 2 files on nothing but case?

1) Programmer copies files from linux box to windows box of a certain age.
2) Programmer makes some changes in windows land.
3) Windows loses the case of the filenames
4) Programmer copies files back to the same directory in linux land. Now there are two different files README and Readme.

Comment: Re:Innovative sheepdips (Score 1) 90

>From my understanding CSIRO solved the key problems for microwave echo cancellation and invented the IC's that encapsulated the fast fourier transforms. Here is an article with a video if it is too long to read.

You mean OFDM? Try googling "who invented OFDM". It dates back to the 60s.
I am one of the authors of 802.11 and 802.16 that both use OFDM. So are many other Slashdot readers.

Comment: Re:America! (Score 3, Insightful) 228

by TechyImmigrant (#48629763) Attached to: "Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too

I'd prefer for everyone to pirate it.

You screw the North Koreans (and their supporters) and Sony in one go. Win Win.

And ironically, it seems that will be the only way to watch the movie for the time being. Cause the terrorists have won.

So when the terrorists win, so does free speech?

Comment: Re:No problem. (Score 1) 136

> That may be news worthy, but it deserves a more accurate headline: new statistical test can form confidence bounds for how unlikely a it would be for a new parameter to be of this magnitude if there were causation: when combined with existing test it may discredit more potential claims of causation than previously practical.

Bingo. You have won the internets.

Comment: Re:Always (Score 3, Informative) 136

An algorithm changes its behavior based on the value.

The example I gave is a sneaky algorithm in the FIPS spec that deletes consecutive values when they match.
If this_value == last_value:
    don't output this_value
    do output this_value.

This is on the output of an RNG and so it reduces the entropy in the random numbers because there are no matching consecutive numbers, whereas in a full entropy stream, all pairs would be equally likely.

In the context of noise in statistical analysis, it can confound the additive noise models.

Algorithms that do things to data, but don't look at the values of the data when deciding what to do are not data dependent and so that limits the scope various bad things to happen.

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