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Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 600

Yes? Not sure what you are complaining about? Negative incentments do have an effect on people right? If they don't they are not negative enough. So the right thing to do in this case is to raise the cost. And we know that people are not rational when it comes to cost. People will do mindboggingly stupid things in order to save 1 dollar. Like drive to the next town or whatever, when fuel costs are alot more than that.

Comment Re:Does it have to be the whole booster? (Score 1) 118

Ask yourself if throwing away everyting but the engines from a Boeing 787 after each landing would make your airplane ticket cheap or not.
There would be no air planes at all on this earth if that solution was used for air travel.
Space-X is aiming for rapid reuse to drive costs down to a fraction of what they are today. Just saving the engines is not a solution if you have that goal.

Comment Re:It will never last... (Score 1) 364

Yeah it doesn't work like that... Most studios are not "BIG EVIL GAME CORP", but rather small, and work their ass off to make a game. If the game is crappy and sucks, it won't get pirated in any major way anyway. If the game is o.k it will be in risk of being pirated a fair bit, meaning the studio will take a hit in revenue. That revenue could have been used to improve the game, or to make another better game. Only games with free-to-play revenue models (read micro-transactions) will benefit from not getting paid up front. Guess you like them.

Comment Re:If you don't know why they're doing this... (Score 1) 440

Yeah both cost money. Seems banks are the one who wants to get rid of cash the most. Since they make less profit from that than electronic transactions (no humans needed). In Sweden you can pay with your phone via an app called swish. There is no transaction fee using it. The banks were planning to put a fee on it, but when it came out the backlash from the public were to large, so they couldn't. Then EU started discussing to put a limit on card transactions the banks went nuts. They make great money from that. So they have since said they will not work towards the cash free society here any longer. lol.

Comment Re:If you don't know why they're doing this... (Score 3, Informative) 440

I'm Swedish, and I rarely use cash any more.
Stores prefer less cash, because handling cash is expensive. Money cost money. It also increases risk from robbery and so on. This year an app called 'Swish' has been the new thing. You can send money directly from your mobile to someone else Swish app. Going directly from bank account to another.. all you need is their number. No fees. Many street vendors are using it, and it makes it super easy to give money to someone.
Another consequence is that night clubs run by criminals are super easy to spot. They are the ones refusing plastic.

Comment Re:Let's make some assumptions... (Score 1) 163

Don't forget they are cutting costs of the booster all the time by improving on manufacturing techniques and researching new materials.

Renovating the booster should not cost $5million. Their goal is to have it flyable within 24hrs, which means it can't cost much more than the overhead cost of having the infrastructure for a launch/landing site.

Comment Re:Reliability (Score 2) 163

That $100 million satellite is that expensive, since the launch cost has been so high. Because once you get the satellite up it has to work for years flawlessly or you cannot make up for that launch cost. If the launch cost is $1 million, you can launch all sorts of cheap hardware instead, since losing it means very little in comparison.

Comment Re:Reliability (Score 1) 163

How much does your $100 million satellite cost per-unit if you build five of them, instead? If a launch also costs $100 million, you might not bother, but if a launch costs $1million, would it be worth it to build enough to have a reasonable chance of success across several launches?

Not only that, but the fact that it cost a fraction to launch will make make it worthwhile to build super cheap satellites, made of everyday junk electronics. The way it works today is like since it is so expensive to launch, you are basically forced to build a very expensive satellite to go with it. 1 million dollar launch means thousands of universities could send out space based telescopes, by them selves using off-the-shelf hardware.

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