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Comment: Snowden the only leak? (Score 1) 383

by TechnoCore (#45697601) Attached to: NSA Has No Clue As To Scope of Snowden's Data Trove
Even though if the intentions were to only use the data against criminals, terrorists and what not, the fact is that this data will be leaked again and again. How many more people than Snowden at NSA got hold of data, but did not go public with it, but maybe sold it? A system as large as NSA is running can never be totally secure. Just to running it, and to make any use of it it requires thousands of people to have access. This alone is an argument for not storing all data you can. Because it is not only you who will access it. Your enemies will too.

Comment: Re:Question (Score 1) 128

Actually, the amount of hydrogen used within a star before it starts to collapse is just a fraction of the total amount the star contains. It is only the hydrogen in the very core that runs out. Hydrogen in outer layers cannot get into the center, since it is blocked by heavier elements over time, and hence cannot fuse. If we (humanity) in the future could come u with a way to stir the star, so more of the outer layers of hydrogen could get into the center, then the Sun could run for more than hundreds of billions years. (Instead of a few billion we have left now)

Comment: Re:Government-run Utility (Score 1) 355

Here is one solution. (Slides are from 2009, but it still works.)

This is the way it's done in Stockholm/Sweden. Lowest price and a ton of isp's to chose from (like 300 in stockholm)
I pay like 12 dollars a month for 100/100. Have been for 6 years... could get faster like gigabit but I'm lazy.

Comment: Re:We need gas control! (Score 4, Insightful) 1591

by TechnoCore (#42602633) Attached to: New York Passes Landmark Gun Law

What you really need is an agenda that keeps to a minimum the number of people who wake up one morning and say - "Alright, this is it. Society has chewed me up, stepped on me, brought me to such rage that the only thing I can think of is blind rage. I want to die and take as many other people with me as I can". If someone gets to that point and is even mildly resourceful, he will find a way to get what he wants, guns or no guns.

The difference between guns and knives is that guns make the slaughter really much more easy. You know like point and click easy. It's because guns were invented after knives as a way to kill with more ease. Don't present these tools to crazy people as an option to solve their demented problems, regardless of if they are resourceful or not.
It is simply not true that mildly resourceful people get what they want regardless. The harder it is to acquire or do something, the more likely it is that it will not be done at all. It works like that for all other aspects of human endeavors, not sure why you think this differs from it.

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