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Comment Re:Since they are on the ocean... (Score 3, Insightful) 72

Musk has said he wants to do it in style. I think what he means is that if they cannot prove they can do it perfectly, then USAF, and FFA won't allow them to land on land, which is the ultimate goal. Since barge landing will always be dependent on weather. Also, the first stage is much like a soda can. Very very thin aluminum. If it falls on something, or there is a small chance it has been damaged in any way, refurbish costs would become expensive. What he wants is to drive down launch costs, and to do that, just make it work perfectly.

Comment NSA-CIA (Score 1) 546

Sooo NSA stored all bulk surveillance together with sensitive CIA operations? Why did NSA store info on CIA operations? And one whistle blower got his hands on it all and whistled? You think _that_ was the problem? Hahahahah

The less restricted access to information is, the quicker it will get leaked. But regardless sooner or later it will get leaked. Be it through whistle blowers, spies, corruption or stupidity. Else the restriction on access is so great that the information becomes useless. Since it cannot be evaluated or used at all.

Submission + - Could a computer predict the next pandemic? (

sciencehabit writes: Using a computer to predict an infectious disease outbreak before it starts may sound like a bit of Philip K. Dick sci-fi, but scientists are coming close. In a new study, researchers have used machine learning — teaching computers to recognize patterns in large data sets—to make accurate forecasts about which animals might harbor dangerous viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Better predictions could help experts improve how they prevent and respond to disease outbreaks.

Comment Re:Fine, if (Score 1) 286

Imho, most customers will optimize their filight with

1) lowest price
2) shortest time

So flying any airline will be exactly like before. Shitty service with no leg room. (because you didn't pay for it) And now without windows.
So no, you will not get any extra leg room or seat width or whatever.

Comment Rats vs Snakes (Score 3, Interesting) 154

I used to work a small zoo. We fed the python snakes either rats or mice. Mostly live animals, since it was hard to get the snakes to eat otherwise. The mice didn't seem to even notice the snakes. They often climbed all over the curled snakes. I remember at one time a mouse climbed up on top and sat on the head of the python and cleaned itself. (before it got eaten)

The rats on the other hand immediately detected the snake as a threat. They hid behind things, keeping themselves obscured from direct line of sight of the snakes.

I have also had both rats and mice as pets. The rat I could teach to come to me when I whistled, the mice not so much... though maybe that was because I never tried to really train the mice. But I'm not convinced.

Comment Re:The Nobel Prize Committee blew it (Score 1) 276

You do understand that the peace price is supposed to be a political price. It's very nature when created was kind of controversial. At the time Sweden and Norway were in a union. Mr Nobel split the prices so all prices are rewarded from committees in Sweden, except the peace price which is rewarded from a committee in Norway. Maybe because he thought Sweden at the time were more militaristic than Norway.

It is sometimes given to people in a position to do good, but haven't actually done so yet. Like peer pressure or an encouragement I guess.

Comment Re:The problem with double standards. (Score 1) 292

Are you for real? ..."the idea wouldn't have taken off as a result of Al Gore's film"?

The debate on global warming didn't start with Al Gore's film. It started in the 80's, when rising global temperatures where established. It was just called the green house effect back then. And it was in the news all the time from 80's and throughout the 90's. IPCC was started in 1988. And in the late 90's everybody thought there would soon be an international treaty within a few years. Just like there had been mid 80's to handle CFC's.

Tragically what happen early 2000ths is that big oil identified it as a serious threat against profit and started pumping in insane amounts of lobby money into discrediting the science. Before that there was just a scientific debate using a growing mountain of evidence. Funny that, yes?

I have yet to see a global warming denier being a skeptic. Since being a skeptic requires you to employ the scientific process. All I see are idiots parroting long ago refuted claims.

Comment Snowden the only leak? (Score 1) 383

Even though if the intentions were to only use the data against criminals, terrorists and what not, the fact is that this data will be leaked again and again. How many more people than Snowden at NSA got hold of data, but did not go public with it, but maybe sold it? A system as large as NSA is running can never be totally secure. Just to running it, and to make any use of it it requires thousands of people to have access. This alone is an argument for not storing all data you can. Because it is not only you who will access it. Your enemies will too.

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