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Comment Re:It is highly possible that "no one" at all did (Score 1) 618

Occam's razor (or maybe just cynicism) makes me doubt whether you're right in this case, but I think you've predicted a class of scenarios that is almost bound to occur in the not-to-distant future as machine learning takes hold. The ways ML finds to "cheat" will always be ahead of the safeguards on cheating.

Comment Less than Before (Score 1) 218

I find myself relying less and less on jQuery and more and more on AngularJS and native HTML5/CSS3 (+Bootstrap), (and Lodash for the FP bits). The AngularJS stuff encapsulates the DOM manipulation more cleanly and HTML5/CSS3 has gotten powerful enough to do declaratively what you used to have to do programmatically. However, it is still handy to know some jQuery, particularly to shim the code a bit around the edges of Angular and for various programming tasks. jQuery can make code cleaner, too, though it is a two-edged sword: used badly it can make code even worse. So I'm glad I know jQuery, which is not quite the same thing as thinking it's a good idea to learn jQuery, but still, if you have the spare time...

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