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Comment: really demotivating (Score 1) 251

by TechBCEternity (#32638386) Attached to: Better Development Through Competition?

I've been in this situation where a manager tries to get you to do something by assigning someone else to do the same thing and let you compete.

I had been asking for additional developers and the ones I got were tasked with a competing design it completely demotivated me

Set Based design is something that could work. Where you have multiple teams working on different complexities of a component that don't compete but supercede each other.

Comment: things to do (Score 1) 1095

by TechBCEternity (#30257038) Attached to: Geek Travel To London From the US — Tips?

1. go on walking tours so you can see all the side streets and stuff. http://www.walks.com/
2. there's a huge geek community, check out http://www.geekery.in/london/ http://upcoming.yahoo.com/place/.2P4je.dBZgMyQ--
3. museums are free, check out the imperial war museum, V&A, british museum
4. starbucks has a deal where you can get wifi with the purchase of a starbucks gift card, pub often have wifi access too
5. use http://www.famouslocations.com/ to find spots from different films (just realized the filmed part of eyes wide shut 6.outside my place... creepy)
6. eat indian food, brick lane is famous for it.

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