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Comment You might want to hire fake trick-or-treaters. (Score 1) 151

There's a pretty bunch of social engineering involved with trick or treaters and one is they go where they go. So the places they go and the people who go there basically is the result of a chaotic process. If you want to prime the pump you need to not only have the houses done up, but on the day get people based on there being people. It's like seeding your case with money while busking or having extra produce while selling produce for the illusion of choice. It's not simply get decorations get destinations, it's actually kind of hard, people tend to go out of their neighborhood to get to the apt places and as such they often go to the same place year after year, so if you got nobody this year, you can't turn it around in a single year. Getting everybody on board isn't enough, you also need to be seen as a place to trick or treat, which means you need people there to get people there.

You might want to give up.

Comment Pfft. This all misses the point. (Score 3, Interesting) 62

If you actually care about security maybe you shouldn't let information from the internet control your computer. I mean sure they can edit your webpages via a router to insert whatever, but the inserting whatever part is could just also be malware on the internet proper.

The point of TNO is that you might as well assume your router is altering webpages and inserting malicious content (either that or there's some already on the internet). One should view the internet as a black box of security threats and then just go from there. Yeah, routers can do that stuff. Security is what you do with that understanding. You don't get a router you can trust. You don't trust the router or the rest of the internet.

Comment These stories suck they need to fit the format.... (Score 1) 38

Machine Learning System can detect X with such high accuracy and with so few false positives as to be actually useful.

Frankly detecting X is basically defined as getting better than random chance. If you decide that anybody who posts "I am so sad" is suicidal, you'll bound to get a few hits, so there. I developed an algorithm that can detect suicide and depression. The problem here is that it's useless unless it's really really accurate.

Comment Re:does this explain dreaming and the "mind's eye" (Score 3, Interesting) 75

To some extent yes, but it's likely way more complicated than that. But, yeah, without sensory input we start hallucinating. It's like asking your senses repeatedly "is that real" and the senses always say yes, rather than no. So you drift off into whatever because that's real and therefore there's this other things too.

It's a bit like that old parlor game where you tell somebody that you're going to have them ask questions about a dream, send them in the other room, asking for dream volunteers, and then tell the people still in the room that the answer is yes if the last letter of the last word of the question ends A-M and no if the last letter of the last word of the question ends N-Z. -- They inevitably guess a dream involving all manner of perverted stuff as the crowd confirms and rejects bits at random. Inventing a dream out of his own head rather than somebody else's head.

There's also every day hallucinations like seeing detail where it doesn't exist, movement where it doesn't exist, and hallucinating something to fill the big blind spot in our eyes.

Comment Re:Is this your brain on drugs? (Score 2) 75

It's likely the Convolutional neural network algorithm.

It's along well enough that you can get premade ones to invent magic the gathering cards or recognize dogs and highly dog like things in pictures. It's useful even completely independently of the AI research as such.

Comment Re:Can they compile from source? (Score 4, Insightful) 143

Can they compile it on site and get the hash codes from it, or export the compiled binaries back somewhere to check them out?

Because if not, this is entirely bullshit.

Just remove the backdoors from the source and show them the source without all the backdoors. See, no backdoors, or reason to suspect the compiled binaries you get are the ones compiled from that source.

Comment Re:Why do I need this... (Score 1) 40

Easy. Computer power on handheld devices is less than massive companies which are efficient and processing all the data from many devices allows them to use only the resources needed whereas the power within the phone is always there and not always fully utilized. It also takes power to run that stuff. And really while neural net chip things aren't horrible they can easily just be simulated in software or processed by GPUs. The idea of having special hardware in a phone to perform a somewhat rare specialized function is both wasteful and unneeded. The data capabilities are such that every input to my phone could be sent to HQ. We're talking a latency of less than a tenth of a second.

It's rather pointless. We have the ability already in every phone to process this stuff on the fly. We can run a neural net without special hardware. You can code them in software rather easily. You can code them to run in parallel on a GPU if you want. If we're adding hardware as such, how about you just add some more cameras and microphones, or more GPU power, or more space for battery.

Comment Re:Varies, I suppose (Score 1) 533

No. There's places that actually need those power-buffers and yeah, they tried to use lead acid and recently scrapped it for EV batteries. More and more this stuff has to go into them. Even to the point of giving batteries to individual panels as well as to the entire system, and then notifying the power company when your power production is about to drop, because they need to know that and need to account for it.

There's a lot of power stuff in the grid where we have like natural gas generators and places that can take less consistent power that are being more and more utilized. The truth is the power companies have a point. As hidden supplies of solar power become more and more common place the problems with the grid are going to be more pronounced. Mainly that all the batteries in the world would only give ten minutes of all grid power. We really need this stuff and we don't have it. Old ass screwed up power-grid.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 203

Given that they easily cracked SSH why use it for much of anything. Properly we'd want/need something stronger. And you can't really exchange keys over the internet in a really safe way. Though, I'm hugely in favor of replacing general public key encryption schemes for those password schemes to access websites. Just encrypt my account with the key on file, if I can read what my email is, I must be me.

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