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Comment Amnesty (Score 1) 570

I've come to the conclusion that the best long term charity is Amnesty International. Sure, feeding the hungry saves more people in the short run, but I believe that democracy and freedom of speech is the only way to stop hunger and famine to return to the same areas again and again.

Comment Re:Century (Score 1) 495

No, he got it because Torbjorn Jagland really likes being in the spotlight. Unfortunately he's not very good at politics, so he practically got kicked out of the important spots in the Labor party when they lost big after a period with him as prime minister. Getting the most powerful man in the world to visit Norway was an excellent alternative way to get attention. The way he sucked up to Obama in the Norwegian news media was just sickening to watch.

Comment Re:Big Deal (Score 1) 654

Greenland isn't melting. The icesheet is ablating. Just because its average temp during the summer is 3C above "normal" (whatever that is) does not mean that the average temp is not 20-30C below freezing.

You are clearly just making your "facts" up. We know for certain that the ice is melting because of simple observable things like rivers and ice sliding into the ocean. The average temperature is well above 0 most places on Greenland during the summer months. If the temperature is on average 3C higher than normal, even more ice will melt during those months.

Comment Re:I see the Al Gore haters are out. (Score 1) 571

One of the best reasoned papers on this was penned by Burt Rutan, If you are only a casual follower of AGW I challenge you to read this and see things from one of the disbelievers points of view.

I agree this presentation works best if you don't spend too much time reading up on the science, because if you did you'd know how bad his arguments really are. They are fairly generic, and among the worst and most easily countered generic arguments the denialist camp has to offer. A google search for "generic denialist arguments" would be enough. Despite what denialist want to believe, proper scientists knows about these things and account for them.

Comment Re:Gulf Stream (Score 1) 582

It's not the temperature change itself that can stop the Gulf stream, but a large flood of fresh water from melting glaciers. Especially if the water piles up in large dams (much larger than the ones we've seen in Iceland) that burst suddenly, it will change the salinity level a lot in a short time.

Comment Re:Shameless self promotion (Score 1) 738

Who's going to pay for the production and distribution of all this easily available food? I doubt those who pay for it now will, considering you're going to give it to somebody else. Also, the people in charge in these countries are a product of their society. They're corrupt because the whole society is corrupt. Take away one and another just as corrupt person will replace him.

Comment Re:Bull (Score 1) 738

Of course, the fishing will end when there is no more fish to catch. Unfortunately, when this has happened in more local areas the stock has taken 20-40 years to recover, or not recovered at all (like some species of whale). In the mean time we will have to stop eating fish completely, which most likely means overtaxing other resources even more.

Comment Re:I went one further (Score 1) 1260

Wooho, aren't you clever. If you want to make fun of my misspellings, at least have the courtesy to misspell it the same way.

Anyway, it's not an arbitrary low number, it's a number that's always lower than whatever number you can come up with, making it impossible to reach, and thus infinitely low. It's the same concept, and the reason you pretend it's an abitrary number is that it breaks with the definitions you want to believe makes sense.


Study Finds the Perfect Ratio of Attractiveness 176

Gksksla writes "Scientists in Australia and Hong Kong have conducted a comprehensive study to discover how different body measurements correspond with ratings of female attractiveness. The study, published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, found that across cultural divides young, tall and long armed women were considered the most attractive."

Submission + - SPAM: Researchers find mice cages alter brains

H111 writes: Researchers at the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus have found the brains of mice used in laboratories worldwide can be profoundly affected by the type of cage they are kept in, a breakthrough that may require scientists to reevaluate the way they conduct future experiments.

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