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Comment: It's easy to block these... (Score 1) 653

by Talaria (#26746317) Attached to: Why Your Pop-Up Blocker Doesn't Work Anymore
..if they are simply spawning windows that are opening new URLs. CasaleMedia and YieldManager are notorious for this. But all you need do is run a URL blocking program or extension (we love LeechBlock extension for Firefox) and plug in their domains. Here are two articles on how we do this:

University of Kansas Adopts 'One Strike' Copyright Infringement Policy 397

Posted by Zonk
from the hope-you-really-liked-that-cher-album dept.
NewmanKU writes "Eric Bangeman at Ars Technica writes that the University of Kansas has adopted a new, and very strict, copyright infringement policy for the students on the residential network. The university's ResNet website states that, 'Violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is against the law. If you are caught downloading copyrighted material, you will lose your ResNet privileges forever. No second notices, no excuses, no refunds. One violation and your ResNet internet access is gone for as long as you reside on campus.' According to a KU spokesperson, KU has received 345 notices in the past year from organizations and businesses regarding complaints about copyrighted material downloading."

Your Own Mini-Stalker 109

Posted by Zonk
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kashif.ahsan writes "A ComputerWorld article discusses the inherent privacy dangers of carrying around our ubiquitous technological assistants. They're like miniature stalkers, right there in your pocket. 'Camera phones contain all the necessary ingredients for completely invasive stalking: a microphone, camera, personal data on the user, location information, a chat and call history — you name it. And victims carry them everywhere they go. All that's missing is the software that lets stalkers take control ... new software, called snoopware, does just that.'"

+ - Flixster Grabbing Users' AOL and Gmail Passwords

Submitted by Talaria
Talaria (874527) writes "The social networking movie review site Flixster is grabbing their users' AOL, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail passwords, and using them to access their users' address books and send "invitations" to join Flixster to everyone in the address book, making it appear to be from the user. The password prompt screen looks very compelling, and even includes the ISP's logo right next to the password prompt. Rather than hiding this little "feature", Flixster brags about it in an interview following their receiving $2million in venture funding earlier this year."

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