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As per usual if you RTFA you would see that the first goal in 2020-2025 is to transfer the actual brain to an avatar. Have been following this project for the last year, there are a lot of big names showing interest in this. The article even mentions a few really big ones that are yet to announce their support publicly, no doubt due to the plebs being frightened of new magic..

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I usually place 1st in fast paced FPS games like Team Fortress 2, have won numerous local tournaments back in the day for Quake 3 too. From what I recall, many of the pro CS players used to include physical workouts in their training regime too. While I code and design games more than play these days, I still push hard to keep my 10km runs under 40 min. Recently I just so happened to get an achievement in Runkeeper for tracking my 1,000th km.

We are out there :)

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So very true! As an Australian I can attest to the power on voting for the other groups, last federal election we managed to score 2 seats for greens! The amount of difference that has made for just 2 seats is amazing, I can only hope that in the upcoming election later this year we can get a few more and really start to change things.

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I like to say that the greatest trick the devil ever played wouldn't be convincing the world they didn't exist, but rather convincing the world they were god. I mean god is a nasty motherf&cker with an appitite for destruction and death.

Plus everyone knows stories are better with killer plot twists, just ask M. Night Shyamalan

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If you're comfortable with hardware you could pick up an iPad LCD screen ( around $60 on ebay ) and add a display port connection to it, the only outstanding issue is an enclosure but access to a 3d printer could solve that.

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