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Comment Re:Hopefully..... (Score 1) 117

As a consultant, 4 years ago (2011) I found one client still running his whole office on an old NT 3.5 server. IT hadnt been turned off or looked at in at least 6 years.

Most ATMs and Kiosks are still running Windows XP embedded. Even though their are other options now, most of these devices are still running on Pentium III chips. They cant run the newer software and few organizations are motivated to pay the cost to replace them with faster hardware and newer software...

Comment Re:Try and try again. (Score 1) 445

I started with the PalmOS phone and switched to a couple of different Windows Mobile phones... Never again. Just like the desktop versions of Windows OS, the Windows Mobile needed to be periodically rebooted.

I'd miss calls and not receive a notification of voicemail. No texts... And trouble placing a call. So decide to reboot my phone, suddenly I have 5 voice messages and a bunch of text messages flood in.

I was having to reboot the piece of crap once a week on average. Not very good for someone that worked around the clock as a consultant.

I occasionally have the same issue with my iPhone 5, my work email will stop sync'ing until i powercycle it. - Never seem to have these problems with my Android phone. The only downside there is Samsung and Sprint take forever to release updates for their products. So I'm often two Android point revs behind someone on a non-samsung Verizon phone and one point rev behind someone with a non-samsung Sprint phone...

Comment Re:But (Score 2) 640

The Windows 10 Tech preview is a memory hog still

Windows 7 Enterprise - Running several applications, large mail box, VCenter Client connected to 5 large clusters, and various other large programs used up 3gb out of 8gb availble.

Windows 10 Tech preview - Fresh install, NOTHING else running on it - used 5gb out of 8gb of RAM. Those "Metro Apps" are still using up memory and updating useless tiles that just make things look pretty. It also constantly calls out over the network looking for other systems, even more so than previous versions of windows.

Comment Re:Simple solution:do not buy the game until you k (Score 1) 474

Likewise, I wont buy any game until I see a review. especially now that games have jumped from $40 to $60+ not counting the added cost of DLC's.

Most single player games i wait till they have been out 6 months or so and then Steam has a sale with the whole game and all DLC's for 1/2 or less the cost of the base game when it originally came out.

Any game that doesnt have a review or is not at least 7.5/10 doesnt get a lick of my money...

Comment Reboot? - Load Balancers and multiple systems (Score 3, Insightful) 265

Unless you are updating the Kernel there are few times you need to reboot a centos box. Unless your app has a memory leak.

The better way to go about it has already been pointed out above. Have several systems, load balance them in a pool, take one node out of the pool, work on it, return it to the pool then repeat for each remaining system. - No outage time and users are none the wiser to the update.

Comment To late... (Score 1) 681

My company has already started to ditch Microsoft over the gaff that was Vista 2.0 (Win8x). Starting six months ago as peoples machine came up on replacement schedule we started moving everyone to Ubuntu and Libre Office. (Not really all that thrilled with Ubuntu myself...) But what we are seeing here is that even companies are now getting tired of Microsoft flops every other version. With most of our software and applications being web based these days, as long as you have a web browser that works with java script you are pretty much golden. Even in the server environment now we are running nearly 50% Solaris or Linux and 50% Windows Servers, though we are replacing Windows with Unix or Linux as we can.

Comment The Army could stand to be downsized... (Score 5, Interesting) 506

The Marine Corps handles 90 to 95% of all "Peace Time" military actions while subsisting on the hand-me downs from the other branches and a paltry 3% of the Defense Budget. Navy Seal teams get more money for training ammo than the entire Marine Corps.

At the beginning of the 1st Gulf War, the Marines were just getting the M1 Abrahms tanks the Army was swapping out for newer models (before that the Marines were still on old M60 tanks).

In the late 90's (97-98) the Marines were just starting to get the venerable Singars radios. Up till then they were still using post-Vietnam era AN/PRC-77 radios.

Time and time again the Army goes and asks for more men and money, new gear, etc, because they state they cant accomplish the mission with what they have.

And time and time again the Marine Corps happily takes that "old outdated" equipment with fewer men and exceed... There has long been a rivalry between the branches, but maybe its time for the other branches to take a page out of the Corps manual and learn how to do more with less. You could drop military spending by half at least, if not more, by following the Marines lead.

Comment Re:Use an antenna. (Score 2) 578

Exactly, for those that care... The cable industry has gone out of their way to make people forget about OTA. I've gone camping and been places where the OTA regular 4 (Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC) digital HD channels came in just as clear if not better than they did over Cable. So why should I pay them $100 a month for channels I dont want? Now full disclosure, I have no intenet on watching the Olympics anyways, they have gotten stale over the years to the point of outright boring. The only entertainment i've gotten out of the Olympics in years has come from the woefully unready Sochi hotels.

Comment This was discussed a couple of months back... (Score 1) 341

This story was ran a couple of months back.

And it was already shown/proven that the ability to remote kill stolen phones is already possible. All current new phones have this ability. Its the CARRIERS that do not want to enable it. They make money off you buying a new phone and off selling service to whomever stole your phone.

The Carriers are the only ones fighting against this.

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