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Comment: Re:Backpeddle? (Score 1) 127

by Tacos4Sanchez (#47293207) Attached to: Big Bang Breakthrough Team Back-Pedals On Major Result
The way you script things there isn't exactly science either.

Science isn't supposed to have an agenda and then set out to prove the agenda, nor is it supposed to sit around and wait for others to sit around and prove it either. The scientific method calls for the formation of a hypothesis and then doing a series of tests that will attempt to disprove that hypothesis. True science requires standing up to the scrutiny of scientists attempting to disprove their own thoughts and ideas not holding back facts or data to prevent others from beating you to your discovery.

What you described seems more like a group of "scientists" who set out to prove themselves correct and have been too busy patting themselves on the back and arrogantly thinking they had all the answers to be bothered with attempting to properly test their own hypotheses... worse yet, your group seems to be lazy and accept failure when real scrutiny came and decided to pass the buck (testing) to the next guys... possibly the same guys they didn't want to collaborate with before.

I'm not saying that this isn't science, but I am saying that what you described isn't science.

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