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+ - Check Point IPS Optimization ->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: R70’s Pentium IV (2 GHz) processor requirement seems like a significant jump from R65’s Pentium III (300 MHz) for what is essentially a stripped-down, hardened Red Hat Linux OS. So why the big increase? The answer likely lies in the augmentation of what used to be known as SmartDefense, now IPS.
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+ - Google Acquires AppJet, Makers of Etherpad ->

Submitted by sherriw
sherriw writes: AppJet, the makers of Etherpad, are announcing on their blog that the company has been acquired by Google. The developers will be transitioned to working on Wave, and Etherpad is being shut down. After feedback from the community, they are now investigating how to open source the code to Etherpad.

We have begun planning how to open source the code to EtherPad and the underlying AppJet Web Framework. We will continue maintaining new pad creation from the EtherPad home page at least until we have open sourced the code, and work hard to make sure there will be no or minimal service disruption in the future.

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Comment: rt3, or Request Tracker (Score 1) 174

by TV-SET (#26686975) Attached to: How To Track the Bug-Trackers?

I'm a big fan of rt3 ( ).

- Free and open source
- Web, email, and command line interface
- Flexible (I've used for bug tracking, support departments, task and project management, documentation, mailing lists, and more)
- Scalable (I've seen it go beyond 100,000 tickets on an average server with no performance hit)
- Excellent community (mailing lists, wiki, book, contrib section on the site)

- Written in Perl, so its a bit tricky to configure and customize

Give it a try.

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