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Submission + - University of Portland Student Bypasses Ciso Clean

TA_TA_BOX writes: The University of Portland has handed a one-year suspension to an engineering major and an Air Force ROTC student after he designed a program to bypass the Cisco Clean Access (CCA). According to the University of Portland's Vice President of Information Systems, the purpose of the CCA is to evaluate whether the computers are compliant with current security policies (i.e., anti-virus software, Windows Updates and Patches, etc.). Essentially the student wrote a program that could fool the CCA to think that the computers operating system and anti-virus were fully patched and up to date. Other complaints towards the University of Portland VP of IS, and their computer polices can be found here.

Comment Re:This is Microsoft we're talking about (Score 1) 316

"The artifacts would be designed to make the process of accessing the information clear with instructions in multiple languages or hieroglyphics" So I can see it now..... Person of the Future: "Oh What's this artifact?" *Something appears* Clippy: "Hi I am Clippy, your personal artifact assistant. Would you like to see the instructions in English?" PF: "Yes" Clippy: "I understand you are trying to write a letter, can I be of assistance?" PF: "All hail Clippy!"

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