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Comment: Re:Dumber and dumber (Score 1) 233

by T-Bone-T (#45089963) Attached to: Ford Showcases Self-Parking Car Technology

I wish they would teach it better in the US. I encounter a situation every morning that is perfect for parallel parking yet most people fail at it. I've taken parking spaces in bigger vehicles that people in small cars passed up. What's even worse is that people can park in this area much more compactly because there are no marked spaces yet they continue to leave almost enough space for a car to park between them.

Comment: Re:Economics 101 (Score 1) 318

by T-Bone-T (#45082249) Attached to: The Ridiculous Tech Fees You're Still Paying

Way to miss the point. Tea costs very little to make and is sold for far more than the expense of making it. I have a box of tea that cost $2 and makes about 5 gallons with simple equipment and minimal effort. A restaurant can do it on a much larger scale. Very few people go to a deli just to buy tea. That is why it can't stand on its own. People enjoy tea with their food. Thus, tea is almost pure profit though it isn't a large amount.

Comment: Re:Economics 101 (Score 0) 318

by T-Bone-T (#45077513) Attached to: The Ridiculous Tech Fees You're Still Paying

Of course they are paying for all of that stuff, but the tea is almost pure profit. It is very easy to make, requires few resources, and the greater income from the food easily pays for the rest. My point, though, is that the pure cost of the food itself is usually more than a tiny fraction of a percent of the price charged.

Comment: Re:Economics 101 (Score 1) 318

by T-Bone-T (#45077181) Attached to: The Ridiculous Tech Fees You're Still Paying

You want misrepresentation of cost? Try Sweet Tea at just about any deli. It costs me about $.25/gallon to make it at home without a bulk discount but delis will often sell 16-20 oz for almost $2. They could charge less, but why would they? People are already buying gallons of it for at least 4000% more than cost and very happy about it.

Comment: Re:If this was Apple... (Score 1) 258

by T-Bone-T (#45009273) Attached to: Samsung Fudging Benchmarks Again On Galaxy Note 3

I'm skipping blu-ray and just using streaming to get HD movies. I got a Star Trek blu-ray combo pack mostly for the download code. With the built-in VUDU app I can watch it in 1080p/7.1. I can't get that with the DVD. Technically, it doesn't look as good as the blu-ray that I have no player for but it looks better than the DVD. The best part about the download code, though, was I also used it in iTunes for the audio commentary special feature.

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