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Journal: Mod points and GMail invites! 6

Journal by System.out.println()

Pretty self explanatory: I need to spend my mod points (I get them regularly) and GMail invites (my friends all have accounts).

Want GMail? Give me an email address and a name to send it to.
Think a post needs a mod point thrown at it? link it here.

Thanks. :)

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Journal: globalservers ads

Journal by System.out.println()

Anyone else think the globalservers VPS ads are among the best banners you've seen?

- They don't jump out and say LOOK AT MEEEE! STOP READING AND LOOOOK! YOU'RE NOT LOOKINGG!!!!111!!!
- At the same time, they encourage you to read them if you're remotely interested in that sort of thing.
- They make GS look like a good service. (Can't speak to whether it actually is or not, but I get that impression.)

In other words, without annoying the hell out of me, they might make me consider giving them money.

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Journal: Or....

Journal by System.out.println()
"You love everyone, or you play your cards very close to your chest."

Or, everyone I hate always posts anonymously. Bastards.

I have a very small mind and must live with it. -- E. Dijkstra