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+ - Mobile: Intel Will Overtake Qualcomm In Three Year->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "When you are done reading this article from Tom's Hardware, you will agree that Intel is going to overtake Qualcomm in three years. To make their point, they had to perform a magic trick, with all three acts: The Pledge, The Turn, and The Prestige.

I'm not going to spoil the argument but it's an impressive one."

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+ - nothing interesting happening today->

Submitted by bs0d3
bs0d3 (2439278) writes "today there is nothing interesting happening.. unless you count the massive protests against SOPA taking place all over the internet. Nearly 2000 sites and counting are participating in a web wide protest, some notable protesters include google, craigslist, and wikipedia. But other than that, there is probably nothing very interesting happening on the internet right now."
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Comment: Already fixed (Score 1) 60

by SynthaxError (#38289854) Attached to: PlayBook Jailbreak Tool Released

It seems it didn't take long for RIM to take action:

"RIM ensured DingleBerry did not get the chance to make merry for too long. For no sooner had the DingleBerry app come into existence, RIM is back to seize the initiative with a fix that effectively plugs the hole that the DingleBerry developers had exploited to sneak past the PlayBook defenses. So those who had sought to gain root access to their PlayBook tablets, well RIM ensured they had less than a day to be adventurous with their devices.

The new RIM update should be available to all PlayBook owners within the next few days and being all of 5 MB, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to install."

Comment: Re:Money (Score 1) 204

by SynthaxError (#37440342) Attached to: Evaluating the 'Doofus Factor' In Corporate Governance

Personally, I feel that a "financial reformation" is needed in our society. Something literally of the magnitude of the Protestant reformation in the 1500s.

If you are refering to the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre I totally agree with you.
Let's kill all these bloody CxO and board members! ;-)

Will start with my boss!

Comment: Re:Production unit won't be on the station (Score 1) 36

by SynthaxError (#36746140) Attached to: Robotic Refueling Experiment Set Up On Space Station

Most satellites are in LEO not in geostationary orbit. And this for 2 good reasons:
1) It requires much less energy to launch a satellite in LEO and satellite need less power to downlink information to the earth (plus some protection from harmful radiations)
2) The geostationary orbit is basically a 2 dimensions orbit (circle at ~35km of the earth) and so the number of satellites that can orbit there is really low.

So the ISS is in the good orbit range for our most used satellites but deorbiting a satellite, refueling and reorbiting is no simple feat. Mostly because none of the satellite we build today are not intended for this purpose. Their thrusters are designed for small short burst to be able to increase or decrease the delta-v and correcting the satellite orbit.

Comment: Re:Oh, and then there are the cookies (Score 1) 308

by SynthaxError (#35210388) Attached to: How Your Username May Betray You

With my Chrome browser at work:

Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 1,431,099 tested so far.

Yeah! I'm unique! Oh wait...

With Firefox and noScript, no info about Plugins, Timezone, Fonts etc:

Within our dataset of several million visitors, only one in 95,407 browsers have the same fingerprint as yours.

Comment: Small bugs (Score 1) 2254

by SynthaxError (#35007764) Attached to: Slashdot Launches Re-Design

I saw 2 bugs:
1) In all the overlapping panels (account options, score...), the Slashdot logo doesn't appear completely

2) When I click on the score of a post it brings the score panel, then close it; the current page is reloaded and focus reseted at the top of the page. I need to hit the previous button to go back at the post I was reading or writing.

I'm using Firefox 3.6.13 on WinXP SP3.

Edit: previewing still takes an eternity!

Comment: Re:Quoting The Not So Fine Blog... (Score 1) 172

by SynthaxError (#32924290) Attached to: iPhone DSLR Prototype 1.0

Heck... I am by would I even consider myself an amateur photographer. The truth is I really know nothing about photography

Well you just have to look at the blurry picture of his "iPhone DSLR" to know that this guy has ever heard of a depth of field. Plus, this has absolutely nothing like a DSLR camera...

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