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Comment: Re:Black-and-white? (Score 1) 34

by Synn (#42436349) Attached to: NASA Releases New Photos of Saturn's Rings and Clouds

Because ground cameras aren't designed to travel 1.2 billion km through space. But really I think it's more that the scientists are wanting to record science related data rather than human eye pleasing data and every gram of weight on the probe is precious. So they capture images that are "black and white" and instead use fancy combining techniques on the ground to create a few wowzer color images here and there to please the non-scientist public.

Comment: Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

by Synn (#41527505) Attached to: To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets

Same here. I was an 80's kid and biking was life. We not only biked but our lives revolved around bikes. Diamond back bikes, state of the art pedals, mag wheels, special handlebar joints, etc. Biking was how you got from point A to point B as a kid and it was common to roam everywhere.

No helmets, cops left you alone and your parents never worried about you riding out 10 miles and back.

Comment: Re:Sci-fi vs Science (Score 1) 224

by Synn (#41084917) Attached to: Earth's Corner of the Galaxy Just Got a Little Lonelier

The problem with FTL isn't just the moving through space it's that it also allows for time travel. For example if I can open a wormhole up and instantly travel from A to B, then there are ways to exploit that to travel through time.

That opens up the ability to create paradoxes which is a huge mess.

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 1) 92

by Synn (#40920905) Attached to: Ouya Teams Up With XBMC

I think the games could come for this unlike other consoles simply because it's an Android device. So any Android game dev could basically mod their game to work with a controller and release for this platform.

And it goes the other way. Release for the console, mod the game to work without a console and you can release to the normal Android game store.

But even so this will be a killer XMBC box. Just plug in a large USB drive and go to town. I wonder if we'll see SABnzbd ported to Android for this.

Comment: Re:Why even bother... (Score 1) 164

by Synn (#40789483) Attached to: NASA's First New Spacesuit In 20 Years Is Its Own Airlock

Consider that any mission has a set amount of time it can function in. That time has a huge amount of cost associated with it. So if you can save 15 minutes of time for a person to don a spacesuit on a spaceflight you're likely saving a huge amount of money. The same if the suit's newer mobility allows for in space work to be done 10% faster.

Comment: Re:Cannot Understand his Customers (Score 1) 208

by Synn (#40335509) Attached to: Online Pharmacy Pioneer Arrested In Florida

> I cannot understand why anyone would see an add for drugs online and actually go ahead and purchase that online without doing to your doctor/pharmacist, talking to them about the drug and then getting it through official channels.

Well, I think it's stupid for anyone to take any med without talking about it with their doctor. That said, meds in the US are marked up to an absurd level. It's often much cheaper to talk with your doctor, get a prescription, toss that in the waste basket and just order the med from India.

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