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Comment Re:You better fix your unicode characters (Score 1) 17

It wouldn't matter to me if they were Hindu, Jewish, or atheist. What bugs me is when someone doesn't practice what they preach.

That is an excellent, succinct capturing of my point.

If government had no hand in marriage, the "gay marriage" issue would have never come up.

I see what you did there, and usually come at this as: the federal government was constituted to handle inter-state and international issues. Period. Full stop. Eliminating chattel slavery was a good thing, but the subsequent over-reach has not been.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 105

More than once you have argued for the federal government to step in when you felt that state governments were doing the wrong thing.

Well, yes. That would be an example of the vertical checks and balances I was mentioning. You wouldn't want, for example, chattle slavery to return.

There are many definitions of liberty

One of the side effects of our Progressive setting of emotion over reason is imprecision of language. But that makes it easier for our liberal fascist overlords to keep the people divided and parked on the plantation.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 105

The Democrats have given up on the left entirely and followed the GOP to the right.

I guess that might arguably be the case for Congressional Democrats, for a couple of reasons:
(a) The GOP has the majority, though that has amounted to roughly shag-all in the way of fiscal sanity.
(b) Democrats have to, you know, reflect the will of the people who are going to turn out for the election. Or not.
But how do you square your argument with. . .Bernie Sanders? Is he a sideshow like Trump?

Federalist is a strange choice of word from you

I've referred to myself as such more or less regularly. "Federalist" means understanding that our separation of powers, historically, meant three levels of government in addition to three branches. That was before we opted for Progressive bureaucratic tyranny.

Liberty-oriented is, however, just a weasel term in politics.

Liberty-oriented means anti-statist, anti-Progressive, and skeptical of anything the Left has to say.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 105

Unlike fustakrakich, I think you have to start somewhere. While the last 7 years have shown the GOP to be substantially equivalent to the godless Commie sodomite horde that is the Democrat party (witness James Webb looking *completely* out of place trying to run for POTUS as a Democrat), the Republicans are the cleaner end of the Progressive turd to start the work of restoring a capitalist, federalist, liberty-oriented system in these United States.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 20

The significance of both the ethnic and religious tensions be damned. The only logical "failure" here is in containment to the region.

Well, now: I feel there may be a few inputs that you're not evaluating clearly here. You can't merely ignore the ethnic/religious dimension. It matters to the people at large, even if, at the ruling class level, such are merely buttons to press.
And the cost of "containment" may end up being orders of magnitude higher than you realize. DoD contractors are salivating even as you speak.

Comment Re:Splendid, Captian (Score 1) 17

The purging is the positive example. For a nihilistic* example, see academia.

*Stipulate that it's "nihilistic" in the sense that the current course, if followed, would lead to universal university meltdown before too many more years. However, I don't think the idiocy sustainable.

Comment Re:You better fix your unicode characters (Score 1) 17

Yep. I'd add that I think Cruz may be a reasonably valid Christian, AFAICT.
Further, I think that the only real faith point to make in politics is that a candidate believe *something*, for two reasons:
(a) Hopefully, some anti-megalomania insurance, and
(b) A test suite to run on the candidate's record, to see how bad of a liar they are.
My *least* preferred candidates are the Huckabee types. If you were called to ministry, I've never heard a valid reason for taking a demotion to enter politics.

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