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Comment Smoke and Mirrors prehaps (Score 1) 84

Long time reader 2nd time poster. I may be wearing a tinfoil hat. While these thoughts are not my own...Techdirt I believe. Anyhow I tend to think the same way. This judgment has the earmarks of being for fair use and on the side of the consumer, I with the above disagree. It's staging for the future. With this ruling its legal for the cable company's to store your DVR'd shows and movies on their networks. That's fine and dandy. This "service" will be a convenience for most people that don't want another bulky set-top box in the living room or have to worry about it breaking, or being green whatever. In fact I bet it becomes so convenient and user friendly that you have to be a retarded monkey not to figure it out. In the meantime this will catch on, this FREE convenient service, till most people elect not to have the physical DVR device in the home or the cable company's just wont offer it as part of service anymore. Few years down the road, we begin to see storage shortages (Yes storage is dirt cheap and getting cheaper) caps, quotas. Bandwidth shortages to stream your Free service ect. See where this is going.. Then the monthly charge. Overage charges. Maintenance charges for everyday your account is over the limit.. Use your imagination. I see more over priced bullshit.

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