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Comment Re:Even party schools get top notch talent (Score 2) 60 60

I considered the academic path, but rejected it as too high-risk. Instead I went into IT support, where I knew I could be confident of always finding employment - albeit at low pay.

The plan worked: I'm now employed as an underpaid helpdesk-monkey, have had the same job for the best part of a decade, and could have it a decade still.

Comment Re:wrong question (Score 1) 39 39

Humans are squishy and flexible. Computers are not good with this - the only way to even simulate soft-body physics is sheer computational brute force. It's nightmarishly complicated just trying to predict which shame a blob of liver is going to assume if you poke it in a certain place.

Comment Re:The three keys on the top-right (Score 2) 562 562

On Excel, scroll lock toggles the action of the arrow keys. With lock off, they move the selected cell one step at a time. With lock on, they move the view one page at a time. The second mode is useful if you work with truly huge spreadsheets.

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