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Comment: Re:Seems unintuative (Score 1) 165

by SuricouRaven (#48615277) Attached to: Researchers Accidentally Discover How To Turn Off Skin Aging Gene

So they could come up with a cream that lets you remain wrinkle-free until you are past your nineties, but at the expense of being unable to tolerate prolonged exposure to sunlight?

Even if they were entirely open about this drawback, it'd still sell. A lot of people really are desperate to look young, and wouldn't mind giving up their time on the beach and having to douse themselves in sunscreen when attending outdoors events.

Comment: Re:Wasn't there a book about this? (Score 1) 137

by SuricouRaven (#48602275) Attached to: How Birds Lost Their Teeth

There is at least some brief attempt to explain this: English is no longer a widely spoken language, but there is a religion-like effort to preserve it as a ceremonial language, aided by conserving any text in a sufficiently durable form.

It's not a very good explanation considering the time scales involved, but it's better than no explanation at all. It does have some historical basis. Hebrew, for example, all but died out for a time before being revived by religious schoolers. Eight hundred thousand years, though, may be pressing things a little.

The morlocks don't need to preserve english - their leader is telepathic.

Comment: Re:I don't really get it either. (Score 1) 431

by SuricouRaven (#48595201) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

I used to have one of those. From it I learned how to recognise the german label for 'Do not remove this retaining screw, the mechanism is spring loaded and will launch delicate parts at your face.'

I used it for a while, even though the sound was poor, just because I did like to have it running in the background and it looked cool. But it had no collector/ebay value, and I couldn't justify the price to replace another failed drive belt when my mobile phone and some cheap external speakers actually sounded better.

Comment: Re:Nukes Now (Score 1) 380

by SuricouRaven (#48592941) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

Nuclear also has a PR problem. It scares people - and if it scares people, politicians end up following the will of the people for once.

Look at Fukushima, for example. It was a media-fest for weeks. Minimal release of radiation, no nuclear-related fatalities, no land left unusable for a thousand years - but even so there was more coverage of that plant than all the rest of the tsunami damage put together. It was a bit hairy for a time when they needed to bring in emergency pumps for the cooldown, but even that was only due to a problem with the outdated plant putting all their cooling pumps in one place - not an issue with newer designs. You can blame the media for a lot of the panic, but they just can't resist a story about nuclear catastrophy. Even when there isn't actually a catastrophy, they still try to hype it up.

Comment: Re:We are doomed... (Score 1) 380

by SuricouRaven (#48592909) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

Even China is starting to lessen their population control program now. It was only intended to prevent a period of explosive growth that could otherwise outpace the country's ability to industrialise and construct infrastructure - and then to be abandoned once the population stabilised naturally.

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