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Comment: Re:Quote seek times all you want (Score 1) 278

by SuricouRaven (#48463155) Attached to: How Intel and Micron May Finally Kill the Hard Disk Drive

You can get the flash chips off. Chances are one of them will be dead, but very few SSDs have just one chip - most seem to have eight of them, so you can get seven good ones.

It's not an easy thing to do though. You need a very high level of skill with surface mount desoldering, and an even higher level to reattach them to a test platform to see which ones are duds.

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My first computer stored data on audio tape! I don't know what their capacity was, but I remember my father borrowing games from work to run through a dual-cassette deck. Some of them were copies of copies, and you had to fiddle with the treble knob to get them to read.

I don't think we're beating that unless someone here is old enough to have used core memory or fluid delay lines.

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More accurately, recent versions of OSX have their use of TRIM commands limited to the 'apple endorsed' models of SSD, the ones the machine ships with. There's some dispute over the reasons for this. One faction claims it's Apple trying to sabotage upgrades, making it so that if you buy an after-market SSD rather than paying their insane markup performance will become awful. Another faction claims it isn't deliberate sabotage, but rather a lack of interest in testing for unsupported hardware configurations: TRIM can potentially malfunction horrible if the SSD doesn't impliment it in quite the expected way, and Apple has only coded and tested it for their preferred models. By disabling it on third-party hardware they remove the need to test for fifty-odd different devices to make sure it isn't going to corrupt data.

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I wonder how 'terrorist attack' is defined? It may just be that a lot more crimes are being classed as terrorism now, or that increasing enforcement effort results in a lot more half-baked schemes getting high-profile arrests, when they otherwise wouldn't have gone anywhere.

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China had gone from third-world mudhole to industrial superpower in fifty years, and is now capable of taking on Europe and the mighty US even in science and advanced engineering. Whatever their qualifications, they seem to know what they are doing.

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"The only reason why Ukraine is not overrun yet is that Putin is unwilling to use Russian army in this conflict"

That, and the threat of international action. Putin is willing to accept sanctions as the cost of conquest - or as he sees it, claiming back what is rightfully Russia's. But he would be foolish to invite sanctions if there is a way to achieve his goals without them. That's why he hasn't just outright invaded: Even a thin layer of deniability is enough to stay the hand of the EU, who are just as dependant upon Russian gas as Russia is upon their trade.

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