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Comment Re:Oblicatory (Score 1) 369

The movie also mentions that the global population is a classified number, again due to fear of inducing a panic.

The famously blurted line is in the context of the character exhausted and traumatised by their discovery. They aren't acting in the most rational way, just trying to scream their terrible finding to as many people as they can before the authorities catch up. The authories seek to surpress the truth about Soylent Green both because they know many people would react with instinctive disgust to the realisation that they have been unknowing cannibals, and because of what it implies about the sustainability of the food supply: The earth is farmed out, the oceans are dead, and the government has had to resort to the desperate measure of reprocessing the deceased to feed the living.

Comment Re:Oblicatory (Score 4, Informative) 369

I've seen the film. The official explanation is that the Soylent product line was named as it was originally made from soy and lentils, though it was implied that marine algae farms were also required. At the end it is revealed that the new product Soylent Green is made from reprocessed human corpses - a desperate attempt to maximize production when environmental damage has crippled agriculture, which the government tries to hide from people out of concern there will be mass panic if it becomes known how close to starvation the world is.

Comment Re:And it's a stupid statement (Score 1) 67

The CPU may be hard to design, but it's also commodity - there's nothing special about them, so putting them on export control is pointless. If you need a four thousand processors for your super you can just buy a thousand servers from HP. You might have to substitute GPU cards for the Phi, but even those can be obtained as application accelerators for certain servers if you look hard enough.

The interconnect is non-commodity: The number of computers that actually need FDR Infiniband switches is very small. You can't just walk into PC World and buy them, which means export controls might actually work.

Comment Re:Might want to reconsider paying the fine... (Score 1) 508

"It's not just personal houses either. What about the drones used by activists to fly over industrial operations breaking the law and get footage of it? "

That's already illegal in many states. Indeed, it's considered a form of terrorism to film on a farm without permission in some states. The agricultural lobby is very powerful, and after a long series of covertly filmed videos revealing mistreatment of animals they set to work writing laws to make sure animal welfare activists could be prevented from filming any more.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 378

I counter with another industry: Piracy. Look at the pirate bay. Tracker sites are illegal in almost every country, yet they routinely operate for years on end before the law can finish cutting through the tangle and actually get anything done about them.

You could even combine them - put your porn up on the Pirate Bay for distribution and collect money through included advertising in the videos or bitcoin donations.

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