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Comment Re:The way to fight this (Score 1) 557

Windows system services are also exempt from the OS firewall, so you can't use that. I tried it. You can still block them with an external firewall, of course.

There's another downside: MS's servers are quite dynamic. They are all mixed seemingly at random in an IP range, and it changes. So it's all or nothing. You want to block MS spying, fine - but you'll also lost OneDrive, Cortana and even Bing. Skype still seems ok though.

Comment Re:The problem is lackadaisical battery manufactur (Score 1) 310

" The Greeks had them, sort of, they think they were used for electroplating stuff."

There's no solid evidence for this. There are some artifacts that look like they might have been batteries, but were more likely just very well-constructed storage jars for archiving documents. The lack of any documents referring to the process or of any electroplated artifacts puts the electroplate theory on very shaky ground indeed. Very few archaeologists consider it even plausible.

Comment Re:Sounds like a pretty good argument... (Score 1) 132

"Sounds like a pretty good argument for taking the federal government out of education entirely."

Do you think the states would be any better? Or local?

Or even private schools - that just results in the parents sending their child to a school dedicated to raising miniature clones of themselves.

Children will be indoctrinated. That is their nature. You cannot teach them without forcing ideas upon them, because they instinctively mimic the society to which they are exposed.

Comment Re:thus we continue into the death spiral (Score 1) 64

It is.

But allowing people to breed, knowing they will create offspring doomed to die of a terrible genetic condition, when there are alternative options available? Also unethical.

Life does not give you nice right-and-wrong dilemmas. Sometimes you have to decide which one is the least wrong. I'm going with the eugenics option. It isn't even that invasive: There are alternative options available for obtaining a child without passing on the bad genes.

Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 3, Interesting) 125

There's a very small but non-zero chance of screwing up - introducing some unintended damage to the DNA which will go initially unnoticed, until the subject's muscles start to turn to gloop twenty years later. At least this way any screwups are contained to one individual.

Comment Re:thus we continue into the death spiral (Score 1) 64

Look at the qualifications for fostering a child. They vary by country, but in general you have to go through a background check. You have to be vetted by a government authority to ensure your home will be a healthy environment. You have to be able to demonstrate a secure income and ability to meet the material needs of a child. When you get it, you'll be closely monitored for a time. Right now there's a family in the US taking legal action against the state because they believe in corporal punishment as a religious requirement and the state requires potential foster-parents sign a 'no violence' agreement. These are the standards which society has decided that a person must meet in order to take on the difficult, dangerous and vitally important task of raising a child.

Or, on the other hand, they could take the other route: "I got's me a pair 'o balls, guess that means I'm-a qualified to be a daddy." A standard that any idiot can meet, often accidentally, resulting in a great many children being born into families that do not have the support, resources or education to raise them.

Comment Re:thus we continue into the death spiral (Score 1) 64

I can see a way to do it right:
1. Identify people who have genes that are, quite clearly, not desirable in a very strong way. Huntington's would be a good place to start.
2. Explain to these people that they really ought not to breed. It'd be foolhardy. If they absolutely insist then there's not much that can be done to stop them, but they ought to have some sense of responsibility.
3. Here's a voucher for fast-track fostering/adoption processing, free sterilisation and IVF with PGD where possible. Use a sperm donor or surrogate if you must, just accept that your genes suck. Sorry. Make the best you can of it.

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