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Comment Re:Never should have gotten past R&D (Score 1) 153

Depends how determined the bosses are. Note that these bosses may even face jail time if their manipulations were ever exposed as intentional, so they have a strong incentive to keep things quiet. I really wouldn't be surprised if somewhere along the line some engineer or middle-manager were warned that some expensive equipment had 'disappeared' and it would be very unfortunate were he found responsible for the theft.

Comment Re: If that's how Pokemon Int'l treats its fans... (Score 1) 209

Asserting isn't a defense. Proving beyond doubt is. This can sometimes be very difficult to do - if you write that Dr Quack has been promoting a cancer treatment does doesn't actually work and he sues you for libel, you then need to provide absolute proof that his treatment really does not work - and if it hasn't been subjected to proper scientific study, how are you supposed to do that?

Comment Re:Never should have gotten past R&D (Score 1) 153

They may have known, but what was the alternative? Get fired, and in a manner that ensures they will never work in their field again? Or go to the regulator and media, bring down the responsible parties, and get sued so hard their grandchildren will be paying the lawyer bills?

Comment Re:It's not money it's a vision thing... (Score 1) 211

You can't change biology, but humans are very good at inventing technology to live outside their natural environment.

If there were a better place, I'd be all for it. But mars, even with the minuscule atmosphere, low gravity and radiation - is still the second-least-deadly planet in the solar system.

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