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+ - Canadian MP pushes warrantless search bill.->

Submitted by SuperSlug
SuperSlug (799739) writes "A Canadian member of parliament Vic Toews is using American style rhetoric to push through a bill that would steal Canadian's right to privacy claiming, "You are with us or you are with the child pornographers." Canadians need to stand up for their rights and contact Vic Toews and their member of parliament to make it understood that this type of politics is unacceptable in Canada. Here is Vic's email address."
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Comment: Re:So don't worry about it (Score 1) 173

by SuperSlug (#35654452) Attached to: Ridiculous Software Patents: a Developer's Nemesis

I tend to make the assumption that if it's about some silly law(-suit), patent or other silly legalese problem, then the poster resides in the US of A. else { Europe }. Occasionally I get a false positive, but then nothing of value was lost at that.

Hey don't forget about Canada we are not with the USofAs crazy patent system. Canada doesn't allow software patents either. I'm not sure why more American software companies haven't closed up shop in the US and moved to more friendly patent free climes...


Call of Duty: Black Ops the Most Pirated Game of the Year 5

Posted by Soulskill
from the five-button-discount dept.
Torrentfreak reports that after calculating download frequency for pirated copies of popular video games, Call of Duty: Black Ops has won the dubious honor of being the most pirated game of 2010. The PC version of the game was torrented roughly 4,270,000 times, and the Xbox 360 version was downloaded an additional 930,000 times. (The most pirated Wii game was Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Dante's Inferno somehow managed to accrue the most downloads of Xbox 360 games.) Fortunately for Activision, the game has still made over $1 billion in sales, and its 20,000,000+ players have racked up over 600,000,000 man-hours of play time since the game's launch in early November.

Comment: Re:Nicely twisted summary (Score 1) 286

by SuperSlug (#34047652) Attached to: Microsoft Charging Royalties For Linux

Interesting, does anybody know of a map of the world that shows which countries actually allow software patents? It can't be that many.
I know that in Canada, Europe, China and New Zealand software is not patentable. I think besides the US, a few South American
countries and South Korea software patents are not allowed.


The Story of a Simple and Dangerous OS X Kernel Bug 230

Posted by timothy
from the chink-in-the-armor dept.
RazvanM writes "At the beginning of this month the Mac OS X 10.5.8 closed a kernel vulnerability that lasted more than 4 years, covering all the 10.4 and (almost all) 10.5 Mac OS X releases. This article presents some twitter-size programs that trigger the bug. The mechanics are so simple that can be easily explained to anybody possessing some minimal knowledge about how operating systems works. Beside being a good educational example this is also a scary proof that very mature code can still be vulnerable in rather unsophisticated ways."

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