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Comment: Product Development? (Score 1) 108

by SuperScott3000 (#36580790) Attached to: Geohot Joins Facebook As Product Developer
Don't really know too much about him, but I thought all his work up until now has been with hardware? Doesn't really make sense to me that Facebook would hire him for 'anything', much less product development. Developing an process to circumvent security measures is worlds apart from developing a product for end consumers. If anything, every hardware developer should be trying to hire him for QA. But good for him for striking while the iron is still hot and landing a job while people still know who he is. But of course, maybe this means Facebook really is going to make that fabled "Facebook Phone"...

Comment: Re:Give him a really crappy computer..... (Score 1) 704

by SuperScott3000 (#32380898) Attached to: How To Get a Game-Obsessed Teenager Into Coding?

Back in my day, I had to hack up my underpowered 486 in order to get Doom to run decently.....knowing the ins-and-outs of what drivers to exclude from my autoexec.bat and config.sys files in order to have enough memory to run it. I learned a good bit about memory and learned quite a bit ;-) Of course, most hardware today is powerful enough to run most games without hacking....

Same. My first real computer was a 486. I didn't have the required RAM to run Decent, my most favorite game of all time. I figured out how disable the memory checking and was able to run the game at home.

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