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Comment: German New Years (Score 1) 65

by SuperQ (#42445293) Attached to: A Firecracker-Launching Slingshot: Start the New Year With a Bang

I was in Berlin for new years. These things are pretty loud. There were some people a few doors down tossing them out their apartment window on to the street every few seconds for several hours. Every block down the street was like this too. Crazy awesome way to celebrate the new years. It also makes the 4th of July look kinda weak. The only things you can get now in many US states are considered "kids" fireworks here.

Comment: Re:Cree and me (Score 1) 421

by SuperQ (#42433421) Attached to: Cree Introduces 200 Lumen/Watt Production Power LEDs

The problem is we have 8 foot fixtures which can easily be converted from 2x 8 foot to 2x 4 foot T8. The conversions for T5 are possible, but I need to make sure the conversion parts will work with our fixtures. We don't really want to replace the fixtures since it requires a bunch of permits we don't want to deal with. Retrofits are easier for us to do.

Comment: Re:Cree and me (Score 3, Informative) 421

by SuperQ (#42425335) Attached to: Cree Introduces 200 Lumen/Watt Production Power LEDs

When i was looking into replacing a whole bunch of T12 fixtures, I liked the idea of doing LED. But just upgrading the balasts from magnetic to electronic and switching to good quality T8 tubes works out to be a way better deal. T8 bulbs already do about 90 lumens/watt for a lot less money. I also talked to a good lighting contractor who does efficiency upgrades. He said the tube retrofits don't work so well. It's better to just replace the fixtures and get LED specific fixtures. What we will hopefully get around to doing is a mixture of T12->T8 retrofits for a base lighting level, and then standard LED (PAR-20) spots to light up work areas.

Comment: Re:The real issue (Score 1) 311

by SuperQ (#42425001) Attached to: Bloomberg: Steve Jobs Behind NYC Crime Wave

Yup. the same thing happens in many markets. I had the bike seat stolen off my bike because it said "Brooks" on it. Nevermind that it was the cheapest low-end ($60) model. My girlfriend's bike was locked on the same rack and her saddle was't stolen. She has a nice $150 selle italia saddle, but it looks like every other black bike saddle out there.

Comment: Re:Not as silly as it sounds (Score 1) 337

by SuperQ (#42392853) Attached to: How Do You Give a Ticket To a Driverless Car?

I really wish this law would come to the US. There are so many hit-and-run cases where people get away with murder (literally) because they can just ditch the car somewhere, maybe break a window, get picked up, and claim it was stolen.

Unless you can ID the driver in the US, you have almost no case against hit-and-runs.

Comment: Re:Reallocated Sector Count = lost data? (Score 1) 348

by SuperQ (#42379549) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Test Your New Hard Drives?

Yea, I was happy to see Ubuntu doing something with basic SMART output by default. The main problem is the more advanced health detection values are basically noise unless you're the manufacturer or a big enough disk customer that they will let you in on the secrets. But like you implied, lots of drives don't output sane values.

Yes, more bubble up health reporting would go a long way toward making computer support easier.

Comment: Re:Reallocated Sector Count = lost data? (Score 1) 348

by SuperQ (#42376877) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Test Your New Hard Drives?

Yea, I would like to see a better communication method for these error to be communicated up from the kernel through userspace. Most of the time when a "normal" user gets errors for EIO, they see some kind of crash or debug message. If the filesystem could simply put the filename with the error into a list for some userspace service, the GUI file manager(s) or some health monitoring service could notify the end user with something a little more descriptive.

This could also let the user activate the relocation write scrub for that file.

I guess this is all stuff that can be solved in the more advanced filesystems like ZFS/btrfs where they can simply read the replicated copy or recover with the RS code blocks. Then the end user doesn't even know they had a platter defect outside the relocation count.

Comment: Re:How do they do it? (Score 1) 80

by SuperQ (#42296993) Attached to: The State of In-Flight Wi-Fi

It's not a satellite. It's mostly a set of EVDO towers pointed/tuned for aircraft not ground-based cell phone users. Although it looks like they might use satellite in the future to cover ocean travel.

The latency has been pretty good for the most part, on par with EVDO on the ground.

Comment: Re:this is great news (Score 1) 440

by SuperQ (#42170069) Attached to: Scientists Develop Sixty Day Bread

Why would you make bread with honey OR sugar in it? Bread shouldn't have that stuff in it. I want a loaf of bread, not cake.

Take a look at this example:

Pain au Levain
* Organic unbleached wheat flour, organic whole wheat flour, whole wheat starter, sea salt, and malted barley flour

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