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Comment: Re:Still uncertain (Score 1) 227

by SuperGus (#47647351) Attached to: About Half of Kids' Learning Ability Is In Their DNA
Good point. Tidbit: I do believe there was an important study of monozygotic twins reared apart in Scandanavia, where presumably the gross differences in appearance were minimal versus a diverse place like the USA (hair color, skin color, etc.). This study also came to the same conclusion as Bouchard 1990 if I recall.

Comment: Re:False. (Score 1) 227

by SuperGus (#47647117) Attached to: About Half of Kids' Learning Ability Is In Their DNA
Thank goodness for all the studies of monozygotic twins reared apart. For example: Bouchard 1990. "The maximum contribution to... trait correlations that could be explained by measured similarity of the adoptive rearing environments... is about 0.03. The absence of any significant effect due to... environmental measures on the IQ scores of these adult adopted twins is consistent with the findings of other investigators."

Comment: Re:what happens (Score 1) 57

by SuperGus (#44001739) Attached to: 26 New Black Hole Candidates Found In Andromeda
"By the time matter passes the blackholes event horizon it's been torn to elementary particles by gravity." - I thought that for sufficiently large black holes, the tidal forces at the event horizon can be small enough that a human would not even notice passing the horizon? Maybe I am mis-remembering :-)

Comment: Constitutional viewpoint (Score 1) 989

by SuperGus (#33031794) Attached to: Louisiana, Intelligent Design, and Science Classes
Majority opinion here on /. may be that creationism/ID should at most be taught in a religion course, not a science course. However I find it interesting that nobody has commented from a constitutional or federalist viewpoint. Shouldn't the power of federal or state governments continue to be limited such that local school boards can do as they please? National or state-level standards can be established via standardized tests etc. If local school board buffoons want to teach garbage, then their students can be left to cry when they are unable to pass standardized tests and continue on to higher education outside of their localities. Sure, I'd like to teach all kids everywhere the things I believe are correct & useful, but I'd most prefer that government leave me alone to decide for myself. Nationally mandated curricula sound good in this case, but what about if that curricula also includes a strong bias toward socialism in its sections on Government & Civics? Or only highlights the evils (and not the benefits) of gun ownership? Or only presents certain sides of sensitive historical topics? Or *insert issue of your choice here* ?

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