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Comment Re:How much do LED bulbs cost? (Score 1) 169

Never had cashier ever charge me the government subsidy price. Have you?

You've missed the point. The cashier doesn't charge you the price of the subsidy. The tax man does. With milk, a subsidy might make sense since every person pretty much uses the same amount, except for lactose intolerant people, and occasional rich people with milk baths. But of the tax-paying set, the rich have a lot more light bulbs than the middle class per person. This means that the rich get a bigger tax break, funded by the middle class. Some people in the lower class might pay the tax for the subsidy and not even buy any light bulbs if they're sharing living space or their apartment pays for light fixtures.

I didn't miss the point at all. When having a conversation about what I pay for a light bulb or any item I want to make my life better such as milk, subsidies would only enter that equation if I wanted to spam my political ideology. Call me shallow but my life doesn't work that way. I'm happy you consider things like that as it greatly alleviates those types of stressors when I shop. Carry on.

Comment Re:How much do LED bulbs cost? (Score 1) 169

Come to Connecticut. With subsidies, they cost under a dollar.

Subsidies cost all the taxpayers of Connecticut. Government money isn't magic.

I'm glad someone brought up the fact government money isn't magic. But with subsidies, the cost of the bulb is still under a dollar no matter how you try to spin your political ideology. If you want to add in transportation costs to and from the store, tax liability, energy cost versus other bulbs and intrinsic value lost or gained, then your political crap might apply. I buy a gallon of milk for $1.83 and it's quite easy to pull out 2 non-magical $1 bills to pay for it. Never had cashier ever charge me the government subsidy price. Have you?

Comment Re:Synthetic Grass (Score 1) 99

Believe it or not, in some towns in the USA, the local leaders consider xeriscaping just slightly less communistic than not allowing pub patrons to carry loaded guns. Until the days when water becomes too expensive to use in anything other than a drinking cup, my local leaders will insist all residents have lush, weed-free, green lawns. And they enforce that green grass / no weeds ordinance with tickets. Just try changing their minds to allow xeriscaping? Been down that road and got weed tickets 3 straight weeks in a row. I'll move as soon as I can break even on this money pit I called an investment.

Comment Cloudy Future (Score 1) 479

Thankfully the "Cloud" is and will solve all my personal and business concerns. Because after all, using OpenOffice on my work/home computer is just plan stupid when I can open, edit, collaborate and save all my docs via an on-line connection. Unless that connection will end up costing more and more each year. I'm beginning to think jump drives will be the new, old cloud of the future.

Comment My Plan (Score 2) 644

I had a non-group plan that just got canx. It cost me $15 a month, covered every known and unknown med procedure with no deductible or co-pay. Now my premiums have gone up to $256 a month because of all the Obama dick sucking morons. Or maybe I'm lying just to make sure the Tea Party can continue partying for another few years. Hope this post helps.

Comment Re:OH I see (Score 1) 331

Yeppers...and every person on welfare or any government assistance drives Cadillac and eat T-bone steaks with caviar side salads. I absolutely know this is true because tea party members tells me this same story each week. I wish I didn't have to hear this crap but if I called these folks out on their weekly "stories" they'd label me a commie liberal who wants adolf hitler and joseph stalin to be my best friend and mentor.

Comment Re:They need to rename this (Score 0) 301

We should have 2 clocks then. You have your biased clock. And the tea party can continue screaming/lathering/foaming about the Obama communist plotting the end of the world, my guns are being taken, the economy is tanking and fucking takers will be able to have health insurance clock that apparently is currently at a nano-second from 12:00. Or did you think we didn't hear the partiers making all that racket?

Comment Against It Totally (Score 0) 444

I'm against Al Jaz buying a US News Station. The Tea Party will have another organization to blames and flame the fires of patriotism, great wars and killings. I can just see my local tea party members sitting around in a circle on their gun cleaning rugs in a mountain retreat. "Bubba imageen does red commie liberals preverting my kids rights to have a full prayer revival meaten every morning. That Al Jazzy guy is a toublemicker and needs to be SSS'd. I wish I didn't have to inform you guys and gal, the Tea Party crazies are fully arming in my neck of the woods. Whipped into a frenzy about FEMA and UN Concentration Camps, they're out to "take care of" all non true blooded, non God fearing, non Gun toting liberal, socialist commie bastards they can find. Pour "Al Jazeera gasoline on this will only make them more crazy.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 0) 505

Drugs don't drug parents and video games don't drug parents so maybe it's because there just isn't enuf religion in drugs...or drugs in parents...or video games owned by parents. Oh, I'm confused. The answer to this whole "kids" things, at least according to a group of my Tea Party friends? Put them in jail, throw away the keys and let the other inmates teach them the meaning of discipline. And I fear the Tea Party in the USA is quite amused with and strongly believe anal rape is a great learning tool.

Comment Re:I call... (Score 0) 285

I worked for a tech company and tried to get them to save money on printing things. No go. I told them I could create a database and they said the company doesn't allow the use of databases. I pointed out their inventory is done on a database and my boss and his boss disagreed. They showed me first hand on one of them their screens the inventory is kept on "Access". The big boss said he'd take my request up the chain for approval if I wanted. I respectfully and quietly bowed out of the subject. I got laid-off but understand they still print out over 100 sheets of paper 4 times a year to do inventory. Moral of the story? Just because you call your company a tech company doesn't mean this decades technology is being implemented.

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