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Comment Re: Vietnam (Score 2) 282

Well, that's the difference between winning the war and winning the peace.

The choice after the Civil War was either Reconstruction, on VERY generous terms, or risk insurgency and partisan actions for generations.

See also the end of WW1 versus the end of WW2.

Comment Re:Input output (Score 2) 380

Funny, so many developers/coders here, and yet they forget ye old addage 'garbage in, garbage out', or another way, if input > output, guess what happens?

So, if the only thing that matters to get the desired output is to use the correct input, and the platform itself is irrelevant, then a Commodore 64 is sufficient for all computing needs, right?

Or, in more modern terms, there's no need for Linux, or any other OS for that matter. After all, the 'genetics' or 'metabolism' of the platform is irrelevant. As long as you give Windows good data, you'll get proper output.

Comment Re:Where's the rest of the questions? (Score 1) 38

Half the fun of Munchkin is specifically fucking with the other players. I don't know if that would translate over to the digital realm.

For example, you can feel free to cheat horrible, break all the rules, as long as nobody calls you on it. I'm not sure how you'd translate that to a digital format.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 2, Informative) 392

Prosecution should have the right to any evidence they find (within the bounds of appropriate law.) They should not, however, have the right to find evidence.

The op-ed is no different than trying to ban gloves, as they deny important fingerprint evidence.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 663

True, metabolism is complicated, but the simple fact is that you can't get more calories out of food than are in it. If you eat less than you burn, that energy has to come from somewhere. Your body can adjust and burn less, sure, but exercise will keep your metabolism up.

Sure, but even then. Take your car. What does it run on? 87 octane? 89? 91? Leaded? Unleaded? 10% Ethanol? Pure Ethanol? Diesel? Kerosene? AVGAS? Vegetable oil? JP?

Watts are watts, right? Nope. Put the wrong kind of petrochem in your car, and it might run poorly, it might run better, or it might catastrophically fail. 'Proper diet' is a lot more complicated than 'eat less calories, burn more calories.' Now we're learning that microfauna may have far FAR more to do with it then your own body, for example.

Variables don't; constants aren't.