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Comment: Re:Firrrst post the noo (Score 4, Insightful) 286

by Suferick (#46377089) Attached to: Scottish Independence Campaign Battles Over BBC Weather Forecast

More likely the (Spanish) EU commission president would look very unfavourably on Scottish membership, considering the boost that would give to the independence ambitions of Catalunya and the Basque country. And would it stop there? What about Sicily, Lombardy, Bavaria...? That's the thinking behind the reluctance to see the UK divided within the EU.

+ - University takes course payments in Bitcoin->

Submitted by Suferick
Suferick writes: From The Register:
A British university has become the first educational establishment in the world to allow its students to pay fees using Bitcoin.

However, Cumbria University admitted it has no way of checking whether pupils had earned their virtual crypto currency by stealing, through botnets, by legitimate mining and trading, or via drug sales on Silk Road.

It will allow students to stump up their fees using an online payment system provided by a US firm called Bitpay.

From summer this year, anyone studying for a Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable Exchange or the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership, can pay their fees in Bitcoin, rather than with Sterling.

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Comment: Re: I don't drink coffee (Score 2) 259

by Suferick (#43983179) Attached to: Disease Outbreak Threatens the Future of Good Coffee

As far as many coffee lovers are concerned, the real reason not to drink Kopi Luwak is the same as the reason not to eat foie gras or white veal: animal welfare. If you pick up the beans that have been 'selected' by civets in the wild, that's one thing; but to cage the civets like battery hens and feed them any old coffee beans in the hope of achieving premium prices is rather different.

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