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Comment Re:But think of the accountants! (Score 2) 436

Hell, yes.

Except that... optimizing the prices/competitiveness of the economy and optimizing the overall good for the society are two different objectives, isn't it? Chasing one with means for the other is what brought US in the current situation.

Your comment is actually very profound. People treat economics and business as some sort of mathematical equation to optimize. "Pay the least amount to workers, make the most profit from the poor saps that must buy our products. Collect profits." The economy is a fake man-made framework we arrange ourselves on and hope to get as nice of a life, as free from want, as we can. I think almost everyone can't see that anymore. Money is just paper, we are really just trying to make a nice pleasant society with its distribution. If that is not being accomplished, those working saps (us) are fools for continuing in the current mode.

Comment Re:That's weird (Score 1) 664

I really do think that is the only thing going for this. It has to be the cheapest thing around. Jane or John Doe goes to Wal-Mart and next to the >$500 laptops is this and it is cheap as hell but does everything they need. They get something new that just works for them. Just how cheap?

Submission + - Common Diabetic Drug Delivers Killing Blow to Can ( 1

SubtleGuest writes: "In the latest issue of Cancer Research, a breakthrough study shows that Metformin, a cheap and common diabetic medicine, kills cancer stem cells- the cells postulated to be responsible for tumor resistance and recurrence after chemotherapy. It has been known that diabetics taking Metformin experience lower cancer rates, and now it is apparent why that may be and how it may apply to non-diabetics as well. When combined with Doxorubicin to kill non-stem cancer cells, the results are nothing short of astonishing: total remission in a mouse xenograft model. The results are achieved at levels below the dosage needed for diabetic control, opening many new avenues in cancer treatment and prevention."

Comment Re:Do it Chris Ogle! (Score 0, Flamebait) 184

Cannot agree more. Many times I can hardly bring myself to read the comments because I can always expect the socially retarded slashdotters to trot out page after page of the Same Damn Shit. In soviet russia..., anything about Microsoft brings talk of Ballmer throwing chairs, etc. At least get with the times, and learn some new memes. If you don't understand comedy, just stay home. Please.

Submission + - $659 million wind farm will pay for itself in 2 yr (

SubtleGuest writes: The National Energy Administration has approved a plan allowing China Datang Corp, the nation's second biggest power producer, to construct a $659 million wind farm facility that will generate 400 megawatts. At $0.10/kWh, it will pay for itself in about two years. $659,000,000 to generate 400,000,000 watts of power, or 400,000 kW. That's a constant income of $40,000 at $0.10 per kWh. Divide $659 million by $40K and it's 16,475 hours. Divide that by 24 and it's 686 days. Divide that by 365.25 and it's 1.9 years.

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