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Comment Re:Patents and copyright should not exist (Score 1) 284

It's funny how people that are against patents and copyrights are usually not inventors. They are not very rich, thus have absolutely no reason to look at the issue from the perspective of a patent holder. Do you want to slave 10 years on an invention, only to have your work "foster innovation and welfare" instead of giving you rewards? One of the reasons technology is the way it is today is because of patents. Do you think people 150 years ago would have worked on technology had there been no decent monetary gains? Wake up and take your head out of the overly idealistic hippy view. Let art be for art's sake. Hah. Do you think Beethoven would have composed as much music if not for kings supporting him financially? What about Mozart? All the great artists would have been living on the street not being able to afford tools if it weren't for the kings' support. It is human nature to be as competitive as possible. You say you want more taxation now but I'd like to see how your opinion would be if YOU were earning 1m or more per year. I'm tired of this hypocritical idealistic view that is so common on Slashdot and I had to post this.

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