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Comment: Re:Not true. Move on. (Score 1) 210

by acaird (#11528940) Attached to: The Future Is Open: The OpenDocument Format
...and we shall see if OO formats 10 years from now will open in today's version of OO, or the other way around.
(La)TeX. A few weeks ago I re-typeset a 10 year old document in the latest version of LaTeX. Came out just right. I suspect that if I had a ten year old version of LaTeX2e I could typeset a modern document.

This is why I use LaTeX for more things than I probably should. On the other hand, I can still read and typeset those text files, and on whatever my platform of the day is. There simply isn't anything else that delivers the typesetting quality and longevity.

Comment: Re:In a completely related story... (Score 1) 208

by Strigiform (#8940535) Attached to: Highest Human Elevation Using a Rocketbelt
A race for blind runners doesn't sound so silly when you consider that blind people have to be more careful that us sighted folk when moving - what you or I would take for granted is difficult for them to navigate. (Runners usually have a trainer with them at the start shouting a series of numbers - different for each runner - which tell them if they're on course, too far to the left or right.)

IIRC, these games began after WW2

Comment: Re:Amy Rich???? (Score 2, Insightful) 187

by ar_unix (#3197486) Attached to: The Practice of System and Network Administration
The review on amazon and bookpool are the same, yes (why write the same short review more than once)? I don't recall writing one for B&N (I don't buy books there), and I don't see one there claiming to be from me..? As a matter of fact, B&N claims that there are no customer reviews so far.

I wrote the amazon book review first and decided that I felt strongly enough about the book to post a review here too. slashdot reviews are more fleshed out than storefront reviews, so this one is expanded. I mostly buy technical books via bookpool, so that also seemed like a good place to put the shorter review.

I hardly consider it spam to review a book in three places! Do you only tell three friends about this cool book you just read..? No.

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