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Comment: Re:I will quit twitter (Score 0) 325

by Stratocastr (#27842051) Attached to: Apple Rumored To Want To Buy Twitter
It's not the sms service that they're buying per se.. I mean cmon, Apple could have a twitter-like service written and deployed in a week flat.. What is of value to any company interested in Twitter is the huge hype around it and consequential media attention involved. This brand image alone is worth millions, even without the underlying technology. I could sell my toenails for billions, if only demand was high enough.

Comment: Re:I laugh ... (Score 0) 163

by Stratocastr (#27760977) Attached to: Australian Gov't Offers $560k Cryptographic Protocol For Free

Should that be 1 mod ((A-1)*(B-1))?

I'm not that convinced that relying on the discrete logarithm problem (at the cost of 4x as much network communication) rather than directly on the factoring problem (like more commonly discussed PK based systems) has any additional security : aren't the 2 problems of identical complexity?

This is the RSA algorithm. It hasn't been broken in the last 30 years by the smartest people. Either that, or the govt.(NSA) knows how to break it and is keeping it under wraps.

Comment: Re:Cost will fall flat... (Score 0) 461

by Stratocastr (#27650645) Attached to: Microsoft Asks Open Source Not to Focus On Price

I personally find getting almost anything done on Linux much more time consuming than either OS X or Windows...

That is probably because you are unfamiliar with linux. It is a very different OS than the ones u are used to.

I suspect there will be a tipping point for *IX at some point in time.

The OS isn't the constraint here, it's the people.

The reason that MS is successful is the same reason why McDonalds is. They dumb it down to the point where any retard can use it.

The consequence is that 40% of all our children are obese, and 90% of all ur bases r belongs to us.

In 1750 Issac Newton became discouraged when he fell up a flight of stairs.