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Comment Re:Wrong wrong wrong (Score 1) 158

I recommend reading the book Oxygen: The molecule that made the world for a thorough understanding of ageing.

Among other things it explains the heartbeats of birds vs "finite number of heartbeats". We all have mechanisms for DNA damage repair. In humans, if I remember correctly, there are 3 such mechanisms, but in birds there are 4. This explains why birds live longer, even though they have more heartbeats pr. minute (i.e. oxygen consumption and DNA damage).

Comment Re:Problem Number One: (Score 1) 1514

The problem I often encountered in school was that when you had finished problems given by the teacher you were awarded with nothing to do.

Another thing is that teachers rarely encourage kids to really test their knowledge, rather it is just completing the subject that is the main goal, for both parts (students and teachers) not gain a wide understanding of the subject.

School should be a place where you evolve to discover what you can do very well, and a place to get help with things you have problems with grasping.
Nowadays it is much more "help with problems" than "discovery of skills".

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