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Comment: The cost problem of textbooks (Score 1) 468

by Strained Brain (#28266261) Attached to: California To Move To Online Textbooks
While they are expensive and get outdated, one of the biggest problems is that people aren't held accountable for the books. They destroy or lose them and the only thing that happens, in most cases, is that they get another copy. Schools order way more than they really need, and often times just sit in a closet somewhere, while other schools in the district have to order more new books because nobody knows what is actually already available. A better solution is to implement a usable tracking system, preferably one that supports both physical and electronic formats. Implement policies within the districts that hold students/parents accountable for the textbooks. If you lose/destroy the textbook, you pay for it, after a price adjustment for normal wear and tear.

Comment: Pink Reader? (Score 1) 289

by Strained Brain (#27817225) Attached to: Can the New Digital Readers Save the Newspapers?
Unless the reader for the Financial Times is pink, without a color display, they would lose some of their uniqueness. On the upside at least they might be able to attract that new audience of teen girls they've been longing to acquire. In addition to some of the other problems mentioned, I like the paper format, as we don't read all the same sections in my house. I would hate to have to wait for the reader to be able to get my hands on the sports section, or any other section that she had already viewed.

Comment: Re:The Best Job (Score 2, Informative) 64

by Strained Brain (#26133867) Attached to: O'Reilly Interview Digs Into the Tech of Storm Chasing
The problem with those vehicle types is their high profile. You need to remember that the point of the TIV was to drive into the tornado, so should be heavy but yet as low a profile as possible. Even if your armored vehicle base will be heavy, the possibility of tipping over is greatly increased.

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