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Comment: Re:What do politicians know about rocket science? (Score 1) 342

Agreed. In this case I think NASA may be the short sighted one. "Maintaining capability" is something that has value, even when it's not used. I had a knee jerk reaction when I read the headline, but upon contemplating, I find myself agreeing with the senator who's getting the pork. Sometimes wrong people do the right things for the wrong reasons.

Comment: What about Canadians? (Score 1) 411

by Stoutlimb (#45052337) Attached to: US Intelligence Chief Defends Attempts To Break Tor

I don't live in the USA either. But I don't feel safe. He's being fairly truthful that he's not breaking any laws in the USA. But what laws prevent him from doing all sorts of nasties to people outside the USA, including close allies like Canada? I get the feeling that they have a "no hold barred" attitude even to allies.

Comment: Friend zoning (Score 1) 204

by Stoutlimb (#44778885) Attached to: Humans Choose Friends With Similar DNA

If this behavioural trait is true, it may explain the "friend zoning" that women do in an evolutionary way. The best of friends (and the closest in genetics) rarely get laid because it would be a from of inbreeding. If organisms have a way to detect and closely associate with genetically similar individuals, it wouldn't be a stretch that mating strategies would evolve to seek individuals from outside this close group.

And then again, there's the women who like to make their rounds with entire circles of friends. I don't think any male has yet to comprehend that mating strategy.

Comment: Re:Hormone therapy? (Score 1) 784

by Stoutlimb (#44645321) Attached to: Bradley Manning Wants To Live As a Woman

That's going to work towards Chelsea's favour. Now she gets put in a women's prison. Less chance of something bad happening when she drops the soap. Assuming she ever sees the light of day with the general population, and not get locked in a hole for the rest of her life. If they don't treat her with the respect she deserves as a human being, she has another way of appealing her sentence on the grounds of cruel and unusual punishment. I hope she wins.

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