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Comment: Re:Then stop stealing my stuff! (Score 5, Interesting) 133

by Stoutlimb (#49549857) Attached to: Pirate Bay Blockade Censors CloudFlare Customers

I'm a content creator too, with significant copyrighted works. I've even used copyright threats to ensure I've been adequately paid. I also think Copyright is utterly absurd as it is. 5-10 years ought to be the max. The establishment has shown severe disrespect to the public by locking down culture indefinitely behind a paywall. It might be "stealing" in your eyes, or the law's... Ethically, it's sharing, with the same good intentions of every public library. I hope one day copyright catches up to morality. Our culture is owned by all of us.

Comment: Re:Cutting edge journalism (Score 1) 179

by Stoutlimb (#49454711) Attached to: Google Lollipop Bricking Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Devices

Since Google sells these directly, they also have the purchase and delivery dates and device id's for most Nexus devices. Perhaps the delay is designed to roll out the update shortly after the warranty expires? They could easily do that... would they? It would save them a hell of a lot of support dollars.

Comment: Re:People Are Such Babies (Score 4, Insightful) 218

by Stoutlimb (#48682629) Attached to: Facebook Apologizes For 'Year In Review' Photos

I lost my three year old daughter early this year, and I certainly understand how this person feels. I've been avoiding looking at my Facebook photo albums as well. I think it's a kind gesture from Facebook to acknowledge that their user base contains people in every situation imaginable, and for many, a photo retrospective is inappropriate. The only person who should be curating personal photos in Facebook is the profile owner.

Comment: Re:Fucking Hell, Harper needs to go! (Score 1) 122

by Stoutlimb (#48591175) Attached to: Canada Waives Own Rules, Helps Microsoft Avoid US Visa Problems

This category of foreign labour is subject to much worse working conditions and minimum pay. This is a new way for the 99% to abuse the public (of any country) through legal loopholes and government corruption. Microsoft just went through a firing spree in Canada as well... you connect the dots.

Comment: Re:So it is official. (Score 1, Interesting) 168

by Stoutlimb (#48591115) Attached to: Airbus Attacked By French Lawmaker For Talking To SpaceX

Bigger balls? No more like pathetic whiners when the shoe is on the other foot. Keep in mind, France is about to deliver 2 brand new aircraft carriers to Russia, while Russia is invading a NATO-friendly country and threatening to take back Alaska. Playing against the team indeed.

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