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Comment: Re:stopped using it? (Score 1) 857

by Stormtrooper42 (#40503111) Attached to: Why Microsoft Killed the Windows Start Button

Well, I've been using Vista since 2007, and 7 since 2009.
Except I switched to an English version recently.
In my native language (French), it was called "Outil Capture" ("Capture Tool").

The point is: I knew how to find it using "Start Menu" > "All Programs" > "Accessories", but couldn't remember the name of the application.
Therefore, removing the start menu is a bit annoying.

Comment: Re:stopped using it? (Score 5, Funny) 857

by Stormtrooper42 (#40484239) Attached to: Why Microsoft Killed the Windows Start Button

So true. The other day I was looking for the screenshot application. (Windows 7)
(As a side note, it isn't that useful, I usually press "Print Screen" and paste the image in a proper image editor.)
Anyway, I started typing:
screen, the relevant application didn't show up.
screenshot, nothing
cap, capture, nope

They called it Snipping Tool...

Comment: Re:But /. said Linux don't get malware? (Score 2) 92

by Stormtrooper42 (#40362851) Attached to: Six Arrested Over Japanese Android Porn Virus

Any OS can get "malware", however a *nix OS at some point requires either active agreement by the computer's operator to be installed or active attack of an exploitable programming error and/or socially engineered user rights.

That would be true with any modern OS (yes, even windows, unless you're running XP with admin rights)

In this case, it's an Android app, so when you install it, it tells you what it can access on your phone. Yet, users didn't cancel the installation, apparently.

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