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Comment Re: Not gonna read this (Score 1) 148

Im pretty sure back in the 1800s and early 1900s, before TV and decent radio, the masses were fairly ignorant of current events outside the town fair. Knowledge of anything besides the absolutely practical for surviving the month was hard won and often the privilege of the wealthy or well-reputed.

I'll trade that for having to shove aside Kanye West infotainment to gain easy access to pretty much anything I want to know about without moving my thumb more than 4 inches at a time.

Comment Infrastructure (Score 5, Insightful) 313

Musk is smart. The more competition he has in electric car manufacturers, the less is his share in the infrastructure of recharging stations, battery building, and the research and tech behind it all. The more companies that jump on the electric car path, the easier it is for him to sell cars (though he seems a little more high minded than that which is why I like him).

Comment Re: Build one (Score 1) 325

Graphics card isn't important? I guess if you're playing Zork, it's not. GPU and CPU handle different parts of the game . Case in point: Battle for Middle Earth. A good GPU allowed one to play with the best
graphics, but it was the CPU that allowed a greater number of units in the game. Disk access is also important these days but you still don't require an SSD for great gameplay.

Comment Re:More government (Score 1) 12

No, this is just looking at the issue completely incorrectly! I don't know what went wrong with this new generation that they are back to communism and central planning.

"Nobody knows what their real plans are" indeed! Did someone know Henry Ford's plans? Did Henry Ford know them at the beginning? Did Rockefeller tell everyone "OK, this is the plan, here we go!"

That is not how things get made. The real world works without plans for the most part - certainly without plans by committee. That is what the central planners always miss - you cannot tell beforehand which crazy venture is the one that will succeed and change humanity forever. You have to have 100 companies fail in order to get that one that changes everything. And government funded companies tend not to fail - they just become zombies.

The entrepreneur that brings humanity into the space age will almost certainly say "I note that the government funded all my competitors - and I still beat them!"

Comment Re: I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

You have no history of repaying debt. So yes, you're more of a risk than someone with a mortgage or credit card payments. If I didn't know you, I'd consider long and hard before loaning you money too. Perhaps the reason you have so much cash on hand is because you don't pay it back. :-)

Comment Re: Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

The problem, I think you'll find with safety training, is that people who are killing other people aren't in what most of us would call a right mind. Gearing up half a campus of kids (which are legally adults but in general kids) is asking to exacerbate the problem you're trying to solve -- gun deaths. Alcohol, high emotions, stress, crazy: all these negate any safety training and pretty much all are available in spades on a college campus. I'd be happier if I wasn't surrounded by armed students all day long on the off chance some complete nutter who is not a student decides to rampage.

Comment Re:Slower, Same range, within 5 years?!? (Score 4, Interesting) 213

Porsche doesn't compete with non-performance cars. From appearance and probably stats, this will be more in the supercar arena: Audi R8, BMW i8, Ferraris, Lamborghinis. My guess, if it's up to Porsche standards, one will be required to find at least $150,000 to afford this. Which, according to reports, is how much a fully loaded Tesla Model X will run (the price range is...large on that one: mid $70s to mid $100s).

I drive a Civic. I had a Porsche for a weekend earlier this year -- 911 Carrera S. I imagine it to be a land-based version of a fighter jet. I haven't driven a Tesla -- I hear they are very very nice, very fast off the line...but I wonder how their sport handling compares to a 911. Hmm...need to find me some Youtube comparisons...

Oh, and will someone explain what BMW is doing with the i3? When I think BMW, I think sport sedan. That thing has the specs of a Nissan Leaf and the looks of a Scion Cube. I'd expected something Tesla-ish.

Comment Re: Welcome to the Group! (Score 3) 198

Agree with above. Architect is a strategic position. You're not moving the Legos yourself anymore -- you bring in your team to give high level overviews to you, you listen to where they feel improvements could be made, and you use that as leverage to make even more significant improvements. You don't need access to AD --- you get people to talk about it and you discuss possible enhancements.

Comment Re:Not that I am bitter (Score 1) 37

Obviously, you don't run Apache... for a couple of years, that was a daily game. It isn't a dig at Open Source security, even though they have had their security nightmares. The problem is we have now a human process, which is very easy to compromise... In addition, will we see groupthink cause significant issues to be ignored, a problem currently not in existence within the open source community (sarcasm). It will be interesting and is better then what we have seen in the past.

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