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Comment Re:TNSTAAFL (Score 1) 272

"Dear god no. Lots of different companies all trying different things is exactly what you want amidst technological uncertainty." If only. reality is that we are cash cows for these robber baron corporations. If there was some competition, I might agree it would be worth it - but there is not. Most geolocations you have one choice and once choice only

Comment Car polution (Score 1) 395

I thought I saw a program that they did this in Colorado, or some other state. The point was it was easier and cheaper to monitor passing traffic and have the state pay to fix the cars that were the major poluters than have everyone go through an emissions check every year - or something like that. And I remember is was more like 10% of the cars caused 90% of the polution.

Comment Re:It's my birthday today! (Score 1) 286

Yeah, that's what I miss most. and getting prescription glasses seems to make it worse. I used to use store reading glasses only for reading and computer, but now I'm having trouble seeing everything.. :( Apart from that, having an active young dog to take care of helps with my arthritis. Mentally, I'm way ahead of most of my peers in Unix Support - experience DOES count for something after all..

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