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Comment: Re:It's my birthday today! (Score 1) 286

by StewBaby2005 (#48641315) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...
Yeah, that's what I miss most. and getting prescription glasses seems to make it worse. I used to use store reading glasses only for reading and computer, but now I'm having trouble seeing everything.. :( Apart from that, having an active young dog to take care of helps with my arthritis. Mentally, I'm way ahead of most of my peers in Unix Support - experience DOES count for something after all..

Comment: Re:Answer: No. (Score 1) 404

by StewBaby2005 (#45302801) Attached to: Tech Titans Oracle, Red Hat and Google To Help Fix
1) O.K. it's bad, so they should have gone with a single payer system like every other 'advanced' country, instead of pandering to the GOP and the Insurance Cartel. 2) I hardly think there will be a net loss of jobs in the Insurance industry when we are adding ~20 million people to the roles 3) It's been proven again and again that Medicare is less costly and more efficient than commercial companies.. 4) There may well be a mass migration of the poor and underinsured from the South to states that opted to expand Medicaid to the East/West/Northern states.. :)

Comment: Re:Erm, ok. (Score 1) 477

by StewBaby2005 (#45093479) Attached to: HP CEO Meg Whitman To Employees: No More Telecommuting For You

Telecommuting is nice for the workers, and I too like it, but is absolute shit for creating quality work in a timely manner. Slag at this all you want, but that is my perspective from two projects implementing the same system using two different management policies: telecommuting versus 'no telecommuting'. And 'no telecommuting' produced better work.

You're using personal experience to make your argument. Well, good for you. Glad it worked out in your case. However, not everyone agrees. I was lampooning this CEO's blanket policy decision. Blanket policies are universally bad -- there has never been one that didn't leave a trail of carnage in its wake. "Ruling a kingdom is like cooking a fish. Don't overdo it." -- Lao Tzu. Effective leadership is more about a direction than a destination. It is less about policy and more about guideline. And great leadership is so transparent you don't even notice it. Everything just seems to click. Well... things at HP aren't clicking. And this CEO is coming in and trying to prove herself with a nice big shakeup. This is what almost every CEO does. It's like when people buy a house... they invariably paint it a different color as soon as they can! The other color might have been their favorite color. It might have been the best color for the house. But it has to be changed, because until it is, for psychological reasons that person won't consider the house "theirs" until it does.

This is about painting a house. It's about marking territory. Because if it wasn't, then the CEO would be making that decision on a per-business unit basis. Some lines of work function better with it. Some don't. Investigating and then making a decision shows thoughtfulness and consideration of the complexities of the business. Shoving a policy down everyone's throats screams "I gotta paint my new house!"

The actual policy is not a one size fits all 'diktat'. They are just trying to get more who CAN go to the office to turn up. OTOH, having those new wide open space 'rent a shelf' offices with everyone talking and no walls might be why people stay at home...

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