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The Internet

+ - IE better than ALL rivals in browser security. 2

Submitted by BudAaron
BudAaron writes: According to NSS labs Internet Explorer in all versions blows away other browsers in network security. It's not just better, it leaves competitors trailing by wide margins.
Here's a link to the PCWorld story
It's an interesting read and I, for one, don't use other browsers except for testing.

+ - Apple Patent May Pose iPhone Privacy Threat->

Submitted by BlueStrat
BlueStrat writes: MacWorld reports that Apple has submitted a patent application for remotely and stealthily activating features like the camera as well as using other features remotely without giving any visual or audible indication to attempt to identify users by voice and even heartbeat. Even the accelerometer, combined with other features, are envisioned as being used to identify if the phone is traveling, in which direction, how fast, and even the type of transport (train, plane, car, etc). The concept is said to be aimed at recovering stolen iPhones, but the possibility exists for many other more-invasive uses to which these features could be put, particularly by domestic intelligence, security, drug enforcement, and local/state law enforcement agencies.

From the MacWorld article regarding hacking/jailbreaking/etc prevention possibilities:

"While the proposed system could appeal to businesses concerned about securing data that workers access on their iPhones, it could also potentially be used by Apple to prevent so-called jailbreaking, which lets users load unauthorized software onto the phone. The patent application says that ways the technology would determine if an unauthorized user had the phone include identifying activities such as hacking, jailbreaking, unlocking, removing the SIM card and moving a predetermined distance from a synced device"

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+ - Waveguides make quantum computers more reliable->

Submitted by JDRucker
JDRucker writes: Quantum computing is one of the current big things in both physics and computer science circles. But there is a serious divide between what we think might be possible and what we can, in fact, do. There are theorists out there working themselves into a frenzy, trying to show that quantum computing will make a smoother latte. On the experimental side, many researchers are still in various stages of single gate operations. It is like the difference between trying to make a valve and knowing what you can do with lots of valves once you have them.
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+ - Aussie charged with stealing $110,000 copper lines->

Submitted by aesoteric
aesoteric writes: A 50-year-old man has been charged with allegedly unearthing over $110,000 of copper cables from the access network of Australia's largest telco, Telstra. Police alleged the man posed as a telephone technician and then stole both old and active cabling from pits and manholes, causing "major breaks in telecommunications for businesses and private residences".
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Comment: Ulterior motive? (Score 4, Insightful) 235

by Steve Cox (#29618915) Attached to: House Committee Passes "Informed P2P User Act"

It could be that this bill is being passed simply to remove a set of excuses people might use when caught using P2P for sharing copyrighted material - hence the name of the bill.

If the software plainly states that it will be sharing a file with other people, then you cannot say 'I didn't know I was sharing it'. Likewise, you cannot say that it installed without your knowledge nor can you say it installed but you couldn't uninstall it.

This is of course, only possible if the writers of P2P software actually give two hoots about the bill.....


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